The “early bird”…


“Once burned, twice shy.” (I know all those trite old sayings.)  I wasn’t “burned” (bitten) yesterday but I’m “twice shy” (extremely cautious) as I move around the yard. Last night, I read web info, and watched videos, and know more about snakes than I ever wanted to know. (I hate serpents.)

I’m so conflicted. I want to “downsize”  but find myself grateful when I “have a need”  and locate the desired item(s) among my possessions. This morning I added two sections of garden hose so the sprinkler reaches the distant section of the yard.

The entire morning spent in the yard.



‘Twas inevitable!!


Up early to water the plants. First time: Set up sprinkler on the lawn. “Inevitable”  that lawn would need water if I want it to stay green. “Inevitable”  that I’d see a snake in my yard (but an unwelcome visitor). “Inevitable”  that the old lady would end up with mismatched shoes? She’s such a dork.

Empty planters seem to beg for plants (imho). “Inevitable”  that I would be drawn to Lowe’s and spend time searching many racks of mark-down plants. ~~ See the bag of concrete? I plan to use with a Shepherd’s Hook. (Integrating items back into my garden paraphernalia.)


The snake is a Copperhead. I naively believed the snake was the “good” type (but I kept my distance). A friend read this blog message (above) and informed me (she thought I knew). At 4:30 I did a Google search and the link (above, in red) leaves no doubt.

Despite the heat, this evening I worked in the yard for about an hour. Several plants were transplanted but only pictures of two of today’s purchases.

Whatcha doin’ ?

Spent part of the morning helping a friend with repair of his trailer home. In between… I reorganized some of the “yard sale” items displayed in the carport. Because many yard” yard sale items did not sell, I’ve been integrating items back into my garden. Two items were deemed worthy of saving but needed a coat of spray paint.


Before “traveling,” Sam wanted to burn a large bag of junk mail and obsolete personal stuff. He did the dirty job of scooping out ashes because he knew I was planning to scoop… and sprinkle ashes on the front lawn. (I’m told ashes are good for the lawn.) ~~ We sat in the shade of my patio, drinking “sun tea,”  and occasionally stirring the fire barrel. Too hot to attempt any additional projects!!

In the middle of the night…

…wide awake, unable to sleep, this thought “Why does God love me so?” (Nobody “cares” for me.) Round and round in my mind “Who am I that God should be mindful of me?” The thought was so compelling, I came to the computer and typed the words. This was the first answer. Second: An Invitation to stand in awe of God.

The entire “topic” prompted because I’ve known so little “love” in my lifetime. This Memorial Day weekend is a reminder of my marriage to Donald Edwards, in 1977. It’s a long, sad story that you don’t want to hear. Dates on the calendar stir up memories. “Memories”  keep me awake at night: A mother who rejected me at birth (1935); a husband who deserted me (1964) and his three little boys….

“What’s wrong with me?”  Rejected by my CARE family (and I continue to feel the pain).

Another message from my Google search. So many good messages; I spent hours on the Internet. I’m publishing this at 4:20 AM.