‘Twas inevitable!!


Up early to water the plants. First time: Set up sprinkler on the lawn. “Inevitable”  that lawn would need water if I want it to stay green. “Inevitable”  that I’d see a snake in my yard (but an unwelcome visitor). “Inevitable”  that the old lady would end up with mismatched shoes? She’s such a dork.

Empty planters seem to beg for plants (imho). “Inevitable”  that I would be drawn to Lowe’s and spend time searching many racks of mark-down plants. ~~ See the bag of concrete? I plan to use with a Shepherd’s Hook. (Integrating items back into my garden paraphernalia.)


The snake is a Copperhead. I naively believed the snake was the “good” type (but I kept my distance). A friend read this blog message (above) and informed me (she thought I knew). At 4:30 I did a Google search and the link (above, in red) leaves no doubt.

Despite the heat, this evening I worked in the yard for about an hour. Several plants were transplanted but only pictures of two of today’s purchases.

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