Life of Lorraine

The landlady is “going ballistic”  (according to her stepson) because I’m digging in the yard. “No way in hell she’s going to put in a shutoff.” ~~ Dear Journal (dear reader), that’s my “reward” for wanting to do a good deed for this property. (Being a good neighbor.) She’d have me arrested if she could!! ~~ I’m in so much pain, I can’t sleep. It’s 3:30 in the morning and I thought it better to get up and “do something” rather than toss and turn in bed. Guess I’ll climb a tree to take my mind off the stressful situation. (The plumber did not show up and that’s a blessing [in disguise] because “landlady” might have shot us if she saw a contractor’s truck in the driveway.)

On a positive note: (1) Cooler rainy weather and the air-conditioner has been “off” for hours. First time in about two months that I’ve been able to turn off the A/C. (2) Yesterday, a husband and wife saw my small “yard sale” sign and stopped by. They spent $15.00 and promised to come back with a truck for some larger items. (3) I loaded “donations” into the car and “almost” (repeat “almost”) delivered them to two favorite locations. (Habitat for Humanity doesn’t take clothes so “hardware” to them and “software” to another thrift shop.) I haven’t forgotten my vow “New tune in June” ; I’m working to “donate” and “discard.” (What’s a “catchy” theme for July??)



…to walk away from the stressful situation!

Twelve hours later and I’m comfortable with my resolve. My health is too important to sabotage.

A pleasant day–weatherwise–and many things accomplished outdoors. The plants–in planters–received their monthly dose of fertilizer. Inbetween “yard” projects, I did a load of laundry.  Before “forced” to wash with cold water, I ran a large load of very soapy water to clean the machine. Both my neighbors are unhealthy and I have to share the washer and dryer with them. I’d prefer “hot” water but hope a “large load of very soapy water”  will sanitize before I wash my clothes. I’m considering taking my laundry to the laundry room here at the RV Park. Expensive… but quite possibly worth every quarter?!

More outdoor projects !!

A small “yard sale” sign is displayed “twenty-four seven.”  The carport has been in disarray–until today. I reorganized… and swept the area. Occasionally a potential customer stops by so my items are now in “less disarray.”  I’ve refrained from advertising the yard sale (again) because the weather too hot and humid for folks to venture outdoors. Furthermore, I speculate the 4th of July holiday week wouldn’t attract shoppers. This morning I sprayed Fels Naptha solution on several plants that have bugs eating the leaves. In the past, I’ve written about making homemade natural products for insecticide and fertilizer. I “almost” fertilized the plants today because almost the first of the month. “Almost but not quite.”  I’ll fertilize in a day or two. ~~ It’s almost two o’clock and I’m waiting and watching for the plumber.  I think this will be “evaluate and estimate.” I’m hoping he’ll “do” the job another day so I can contact my neighbors and let them know the water will be shut off. (I won’t inconvenience the other folks on this well the way my landlady and her stepson inconvenienced us.)  ~~



Gratefully, another pair of hands !!

It’s been a week; I thought he wasn’t interested! A very pleasant surprise when he knocked on my door. Now, I believe enough dirt was removed so a plumber can install a shut-off. A plumber has been contacted and (tentatively) will arrive on Thursday. Furthermore, I’ll inquire about the cost to replace the hot water heater in the laundry room. Spend money; I can’t take it with me!!

Changing the subject: My lawyer lady-friend suggests my “Intentional Community”  is right here. “LOVE IT, DON’T LEAVE IT.” (Pretend the nasty landlady doesn’t exist. This evening, the “nasty landlady” sent her stepson to see “what the hell is she doing?”)

Property plumbing problems

I’ve expressed my concern and sympathy in earlier blog messages.

Two weeks later.

A day later.

Look at my landlady’s “body language.” I mistakenly thought she departed with her stepson. I “keep my distance”; I use “telephoto” to “get up close.” I wished for more pictures… but rarely venture across the driveway. ~~ Suddenly “landlady” made her appearance–with hands on hips and scowl on her face.

Next door, major indoor plumbing problems started prior to early February. Several men were digging in hopes they’d find the water “shut off. (Unsuccessful.) The “indoor” problem wasn’t corrected until early May. By that time, water bubbling up through a crack in the cement, in the carport. Still no “shut off” to this property; many residents inconvenienced when the water turned off at the well.

“This old lady”  approached the digging project (twice) and successfully found water lines.



Glued to the computer (same old story) !!

Yesterday, about seventeen hours straight “climbing the family tree.”  As I said recently, there isn’t a stopping point. If you were here, you would hear me groan occasionally. I search for the maiden name of the mother and “OMG” another Frantz woman, or another woman from a valuable collateral line. A couple days ago, “oh no,”  because I had connected to a family in my maternal family tree (from my paternal tree)!! **(“It’s a small world after all.”)**

This evening, Ancestry sent me an email message about possible additional information. I “captured” the image because (for me) it says a lot. I’m listing hundreds of names and I’m rewarded with hundreds of hints. I marvel at Ancestry‘s remarkable computer system. It gives me information within seconds after I click on a “hint.” Imagine thousands of people using Ancestry at the same time and everyone getting answers within seconds. Sometimes I experience Ancestry anticipating my request and “filling in the blanks” before I ask. Uncanny!!

Remember my “warm fuzzy”? I’ve been working with that family for several days. Yesterday, quite unexpectedly, I went to my website titled Digitized Library and Family History and found a gold mine of information about that family (chapters 8-12, pp. 22-45). A “cousin” sent the information in May 1997 and I scanned and published it a year or two ago. (Yesterday, my mind was anticipating my request and [almost] filled in the blanks before I asked.) ~~ Only makes sense to me (?) but that’s why Ancestry‘s  “hint” message was appreciated.

Eating my words ?!

Remember my resolve (?): ‘New tune in June.” I was planning to “donate and discard.” Due to the heat and humidity, I have accomplished very little this month. It is just “too miserable” to be outdoors!! Yesterday afternoon, we had about three dozen drops of rain so it added to the humidity rather than cooling the air. I desperately need groceries but don’t want to go out in the heat. 

I can’t sleep–and my mind is active–so I’m back on the computer.

No place for Mom ?

The other day, I went to the website for A Place for Mom.  I was required to leave my phone number and email address if I wanted access to their site. As I browsed… I quickly observed the costs were beyond my means. “They” called… and graciously offered to put me in touch with the location of my choice. The cost of “$2,000.00 and up”  was mentioned (per month) and I said, “whoa, go no further.”