Another “D”: Determination !!

Ignoring “do’s” and “don’ts” (and “depression”), the old gray mare mustered “determination” to do “dirty” work in the yard. (As Mike Rowe says: “Somebody’s gotta do it.”)

Neighbors had sections of trees break and fall. My yard had limited damage. At 10:25 AM, my “disposition” is half-way between extremely happy and extremely depressed.

Disaster with a capital “D” !!

Earlier today (when I published the blog message with a clipart picture of broken bottle), I never expected I’d see a dozen broken bottles in my front yard. In my humble opinion, my “bottle trees” add an artistic touch to my garden. A lot of time, and money, went into acquiring my vast collection of colored bottles (and vases). I bought the beer sold in beautiful cobalt-blue bottles and a friend enjoyed the brew. One can’t find white, or red, bottles so I shopped Thrift stores for white “milk glass” vases. The red vases were purchased from Dollar Tree.

About one-thirty, a thunderstorm “blew” in and drenched the area–and took out the electricity. I heard the sound of broken glass but could not see (from my windows) what happened. At one-fifty, umbrella in hand, I dashed across the street to the Clubhouse for “Father’s Day” potluck. “Oh no, not my bottles!!”  I left the fellowship early so I could take the pictures and prepare this message.

“D”  for “disaster” but a failing grade (“D”) when it comes to participation in activities here at the RV Park. As mentioned in an earlier blog, my mind says “do” but the body says “don’t.”

Out of business ?!

Yesterday, preparing four blog messages was the entire extent of my activities. I don’t know “why,”  “what” or “when”  but the “where” was hours spent in bed. My head was saying “do”  but my body said “don’t” (and I “didn’t”).