“Meddling” & “Mystified”

After collecting new data, it was important (to me) to hang the information in the “Well house.” I was accused of “meddling in things that are none of my business BUT (imho) the plumbing project demands completion.


What happened? I believed the young man was going to follow me home. He seemed eager to earn money by digging more dirt from around the water line. It’s 4:00 PM (six hours later) and “no show.”

Four PM the next day (20th) and proposed, intended “helper” has not arrived. Because it is a miserable job (that is “too much” for “the old gray mare”), I intended to pay $100.00 for his labor; I told him I’d be “very generous.” ~~ (How often have you read my lament that I can’t hire handymen? This is the poorest County in Texas and nobody wants to work!)

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