NOT a good morning !!

Hard rain all night. I took several pictures from my doorway–of “Lake Lorraine.”  Lightening and thunder so I turned off the computer. Later, when I rebooted the computer, I had a parade of unknown features checking (and re-checking). Finally I had my familiar “desktop.”  But I could not log into my g-mail account. It took at least an hour of trial and error. It was so frustrating!! Today is “Nightmare at CARE.” (No Elm Street here. Just Dove, Wren, Hawk, etc.) To add insult to injury (lol) I couldn’t access my pictures on Picasa. The following pictures had been uploaded to Picasa before I turned off the computer. So-o-o, it took several minutes to access these. ~~ Ghosts and goblins have invaded my computer?! ~~ OMG, when I attempted to “publish” this blog, more changes!! Believe me, this old lady does not appreciate numerous changes on the computer. I’m a creature of habit. ~~ Bummer: 1) I searched for a clip art picture of ghosts and goblins, 2) saved it…, but 3) cannot retrieve it!! ~~ Repeat: NOT a good morning!!

Feeding station is down

Lake Lorraine

Later I'll check the rain gauge

Shelter is still standing

Still raining

Halloween ghost and goblin (cute)


“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”


Postscript, 10/31/15, 3:00 PM: Pray for me?! I’ve tried to prepare another blog message (more pictures) and my computer deletes it as fast as I “save” it. I’m really discouraged!!!!

GratitudeAnother postscript, 4:00 PM: On the positive side, this morning the TV news showed pictures of RVs overturned by a tornado that struck the Danbury, Brazoria County, Texas area early this morning. Oops, sorry, that’s negative. The “positive” comment I want to express: Gratefully, no RV or building damage in our little community!!


Oh, what a mess !!

Uprooted feeding station

Wet bird seed

After the storm

Almost five inches

Feeding station leaning against the tree

Begonia from North Carolina

Bedraggled Begonia


“If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again.”

I was tempted to work in the yard. I did pick up fallen limbs, and pine cones. I lifted the uprooted feeding station. But it is cold and damp outdoors so I returned to my comfortable, warm, trailer home. No exaggeration: I’ve struggled for a couple of hours to prepare this specific blog message. Between attempts…, I ran utilities to scan for virus’ or an obvious source of my problem. I haven’t an answer; now things appear to have returned to the normal operating mode I enjoyed twenty-four hours ago.

Happy day-before-Halloween !!

Go figure!! The day before Halloween–in the middle of the day–CARE celebrates Halloween. Originally, I planned to totally skip any appearance during the day. I’d rake leaves and sweep debris; I’d work in my yard!! Wide awake (in the middle of the night), I decided I’d dust off my red hat, and dress up in my purple dress. (No witch costume this year.)

lorraine-in-red-hat (cropped)lorraine-in-red-hat-and-red-cape (cropped)In 2002-2003, I was Queen of a chapter of the Red Hat Society–in North Los Angeles County. Sadly, since I left Lancaster, California, I haven’t found a chapter to join. I donated almost all my entire Red Hat wardrobe to an upscale resale shop in Waxhaw, North Carolina (just prior to moving to Livingston, Texas). ~~ I’m the world’s worse about hanging on to things “I might need some day.” It has been two years and the dress just came out of the garment bag!!

Check out the poem When I am an old woman (and the several other cute poems on that website).

~~~~~ 2015 ~~~~~

Halloween 2014

Lorraine at Halloween (close up)


IMG_5773Postscript: Forty-nine CARE residents; a dozen employees; regrettably less than a dozen of us wearing a costume. I’m glad I didn’t pull a Houdini (and disappear).

Oh, my aching back !!

Aching back with white stick figure

women with back acheAching shoulders and neck, too. I “stirred” and “stirred.”


Getting started

Eighty pounds filled two

Second eighty pound bag

Four anchorsThe original weight of the block: approximately thirty-three pounds. ~~ Then I added approximately forty pounds each. When I get the “tie downs” in place, my shelter should weather the worse storms?!

Glorious day !!

You’ll frequently hear me say “Happy as if I had good sense.” Maybe I should say “Blessed from the top of my head to my shoestrings”?? What a delight to get all those donations out of the back of my car!! I’ve been hauling most of them around for six months (since the April CARE Garage Sale). Now I have “space” to haul bags of planter soil–and/or bags of cement?!?! I haven’t had room for groceries–or an area for laundry as I head to the laundry room!! Oh glorious day!! (Truthfully, I don’t need more bags of planter soil but I need one more bag of cement.)

Donations for Thrift and Gift (1)

Donations for Thrift and Gift (2)

Space in the back of my car

Donations are going bye bye

Feeding station

Feeding station

Ten branches

Multiple feeders


Birds are smart!! The same flat-bed open feeder, in the same location, but (IMHO) the birds recognize the appearance is different.  I haven’t seen a single bird on the feeders this morning!! Of course, they will adjust to the new arrangement. And, I didn’t “need” another place to hang bird feeders because I have tree limbs and Shepherd’s Hooks. This feeding station” appealed to me so I ordered it on-line. Next, I’ll join Operation Feeder Watch.

Preparing for our next hurricane !!

Anchors for the tie downsIt only makes sense to me!? I ordered long tie downs to go across my tarp-shelter. Rather than putting cement in pails, I choose to put cement in the middle of  these cement blocks–with a horseshoe-shape bolt embedded. I have the blocks; I don’t have pails. Less expense, this way, and just as effective.


Blocks, hooks, and strapsThis afternoon, the “tie-downs” arrived in the mail; the blocks are in position. All I need is a bag of cement.

Four PM and I’m en route to Lowe’s.


Eighty pound bag

Tomorow project

“Curiosity killed the cat…

…Satisfaction brought it back.”

Smiley face curiousI put on a sweater, and walked through spongy wet ground, to get to my rain gauge.


My rain gauge

Rain total


Time and temperatureLast week: Air-conditioner; this week: Furnace. By Halloween, will we have frost and plants moved under the shelter or covered??Black cat and Halloween pumpkin