Glorious day !!

You’ll frequently hear me say “Happy as if I had good sense.” Maybe I should say “Blessed from the top of my head to my shoestrings”?? What a delight to get all those donations out of the back of my car!! I’ve been hauling most of them around for six months (since the April CARE Garage Sale). Now I have “space” to haul bags of planter soil–and/or bags of cement?!?! I haven’t had room for groceries–or an area for laundry as I head to the laundry room!! Oh glorious day!! (Truthfully, I don’t need more bags of planter soil but I need one more bag of cement.)

Donations for Thrift and Gift (1)

Donations for Thrift and Gift (2)

Space in the back of my car

Donations are going bye bye

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