Merry-go-round ??

Hanging baskets with Nasturtiums

Begonias in planter baseTo the left are “before” pictures: Nasturtiums in hanging baskets, Begonias in the base. They departed (free) to a new home so I shuffled hanging baskets from other locations. Although I still have lots of plants, in planters, some have gone to new homes.  ~~ I have published many ads with “for sale” yard and garden items–but limited response. I can’t take them with me!!  ~~ Actually I **can** take the planters… but not the plants (agricultural restrictions at the state lines). I’ve dumped plants, and soil, along the embankment at the edge of my back yard.  My beautiful second-season Calibrachoa–with purple-red blooms–and Miracle Gro soil–went to an early grave so I could scrub the tub (identical to the one pictured here). It cost an extremely discounted $26. from Tuesday Morning, plus (as I said Miracle Gro soil) and a vineing plant we’d pay at least $20. for at Lowe’s. Nobody wants to pay $25.– or even make an offer. I have signs everywhere saying “My prices are negotiable.”

8/31/13 hanging baskets

8/31/13 empty planter

8/31/13 empty planter basecrying heart

Big babies !!

Finally, earlier today I was able to photograph my four recently fledged baby Bluebirds–on the mealworm feeder.

Four baby Bluebirds on the feederCropped copy of four baby Bluebirds on the feederFive baby Bluebirds in the nest

Unimaginable that babies can mature so rapidly in less than six weeks!!

Suffering depression !!

There are so-o-o-o-o many things to handle, so many decisions to make. I’m in a full-blown major depression!! So-o-o-o-o much to do!! This afternoon I started moving books from the bookcases to cardboard boxes. They were on display because I wanted to “eventually” read them. Today, handling them, I have anxiety because I don’t want to ship them off to the thrift shop. During the shuffle, I found a study (from the Holy Bible) on the book of Esther. It concludes with this prayer:

My Precious Princess and Daughter–

I love you and know you by name.  I want you to be secure in My love for you because My will for you is centered in that love.  It is always for your best.

When I ask you to take action, I will give you the courage and strength you need in that moment.  My Spirit is praying for you in My very presence, and He knows exactly how to pray according to My will for you.  So don’t be afraid.  I have seen your uncertainty.  I know your indecision.  But those are not rooted in faith.  When you must take a stand for a godly principle, I will empower you.  When you must make a decision, seek My wisdom for it. Remember?  I give you the desires of your heart.  Trust your heart when it is tuned in to Me.

I know that there are times when you desire the approval of people you may need to comfort.  I understand.  But please remember that My acceptance and approval are much more important.  Everything may not turn out as well for you as it did for Esther.  Remember that My plan for each of My children’s lives is custom-made, just for you.  Will you still trust Me if disaster or trouble or pain follows your decision to obey My will for your life?

You already have My approval.  I’ll open other doors of favor according to My will.  And, as it’s appropriate, I will give you the favor needed just as I influenced King Xerxes to receive Esther.

I have wonderful plans for you, beloved one, so learn to seek Me, and My voice will become more familiar to you.  Dare to risk everything to follow Me. You will never lose anything of value.


Your Heavenly Father, the King

Isn’t that awesome??  “Thank you, Father!!”

More pain !!

Collector's Plates

More collector's plates

Almost ready to go

Ready to go!!These have been in my home for decades!! “Collector’s Plates” dating back to the Bicentennial (1976)!! Many, many images from Norman Rockwell paintings.  (I love Norman Rockwell paintings!!)  The plates have resided in Lancaster, CA, Long Beach, CA, Hollywood, CA, Brookville, OH, Shelby, NC, and Waxhaw, NC. In rented apartments–without a sense of permanency–I never displayed them.  Much as I hate to part with them, “it’s time.”  This morning I started moving the boxed items from their nooks-and-crannies and began documenting them in a software program called It’s Deductible. Properly documented, my donation information is automatically available when I do my income taxes with Turbo Tax.  North Carolina really zaps me for state taxes.  Itemized donations are a blessing!!  (I found out “the hard way” when I failed to keep records!!)  So another trunk-load of donations for Second Chance Boutique in Waxhaw.  ~~  Several more garden items have departed for new homes.  Far too many things remain!!

FYI: I’m not having head pain (praise the Lord!!) but I am terribly tired!! The fall was a shock to my body.

Bye, bye !!

Deborah & daughter take the Nasturtiums

En route to a new homeToday, three large containers and one hanging basket departed for their new home. The beautiful red Mandavilla is sold and will be spirited away by a new owner. The beautiful pink Mandavilla–at the front porch–is sold and it, too, will go “bye, bye.” Plants, planters, and bird feeders have been sold but (woe is me!!) there are still dozens of things for sale. I’m praising God that I’ve had this awesome experience growing flowers for the Hummingbirds–and watching their coming and going.

The empty space--with better light.

Three planters removed.

Beautiful Mandavilla vine.

All that beauty from a 5-gallon pail.