Change of pace

My apronThe weekend belongs to our square dance club major annual event (yes, Friday, Saturday & Sunday). Blog communication is limited to this brief note. Visit an earlier publication for pictures of my square dance wardrobe. I’ll also wear that apron (click to enlarge… so you can read the humorous inscriptions).

Decisions !!

Time and temperatureEleven o’clock and we didn’t see the sun until 10:40. This morning I drove to my storage unit and retrieved the many new planters stored there. I’m trying to “plan ahead” and prepare for the plants that may arrive soon (via FedEx or United Parcel). I arranged and rearranged planters trying to place them so aesthetically attractive–and best usage. The Cape Honeysuckle and two Mandevilla plants need something large. I want the Butterfly bush to have room to expand. This planter is probably larger than necessary for its first season?! (Repeating something I’ve mentioned before: Management won’t let me plant in the yard. I must limit my gardening to planters.)

Arranging planters

Planters for the patioTentatively, I think the new Mosquito plant will go in the tan-color planter next to the rain barrels. I’m undecided about where to plant the Strawberry plant. See my earlier post titled Gardening Vicariously. And the blue Geraniums…? Perhaps in hanging baskets? So many decisions!! 

Soon, need to purchase many large bags of planter soil. Last year’s soil (in planters) will be dumped/spread along the berm so Periwinkle can grow and cover that ugly (despicable) white pipe.  (I have over a dozen Periwinkle [ground cover plants] from a friend’s garden. I’m defiant and will put Periwinkle in the ground!! If I’d had a choice… I would have spent the money for a berm that harmonized with my yard.) ~~ I really would like to expand the patio with eleven more paving blocks (in the corner beyond the rain barrels). ~~ Lots to do; this should keep me busy for a few weeks!! ~~ Oh, I’m planning for a veggie garden, too!!

– – –

Three o’clock, same day, same obsession. Nap time; I’ve been up since 4:30.

Planning for eleven more paving blocks

Sawing out a root

Root out and blocks leveled

– – –

Blocks leveled and trellis straightened

Before image of trellisFYI: I provide lots of good drainage for my plants and I elevate planters so they aren’t sitting in dirt. Healthier plants, and planters are more attractive?!?!

– – –

Mandevilla in Sept

Mandeville climbing the treeLast season, the two Mandevilla climbed the tree. This season (and thereafter) they are limited to the trellis. This season (and thereafter) the tree belongs to a Trumpet Vine.

– – –

Hummingbird with flowerCoo-coo clockYes, I’m “coo-coo” about birds!! All this work (and expense) to attract Hummingbirds.

– – –

Click each picture to enlarge them for more detail.

“Nantucket in the dark”…

…according to the NBC Today Show; Savanna interviewed an Island official.

So I searched the Internet for additional details. Living in the 21st Century, we have so many conveniences!! Repeat: “…so many conveniences!!” Eking out a living, enduring hardship–in the 16th and 17th Century–was routine for my Nantucket ancestors (listed alphabetically: Coffin, Coleman, Gardner, Folger, Macy, Paddock, Sears, et al).

In 1992, I spent hours in the Edouard Stackpole Library –expanding my information about these unique Island families.

Coffin Family Reunion 1992

Oldest House

Oldest House

Lorraine at Coffin family reunion

Our Island Ancestors



The yard beckons !!

BeckonTen o’clock and I’m heading outdoors. It’s 65 degrees (outside) and absolutely beautiful.

– – –

Twelve-thirty noon and lunch time. See what I accomplished this morning?! Well, this, and more!! I “planned ahead” and had the spray paint for table-top. I have an ample supply of trash bags!! Looking good (IMHO)!!

Table needs a face lift

Spray painting table (1)

Spray painting table (2)

Raked leaves

Bagged leaves

Disposed of leaves

– – –

Time and temperature

Temporary location of table

Smiley face thumbs up

– – –

Home Sweet HomeHome Tweet Home garden flagOne o’clock: Removed the Christmas garden flag and hung my absolute favorite “Home Tweet Home” flag. ~~ Hey, “Be it ever so humble….”

– – –

Four-twenty and “yours truly” is exhausted!! But I absolutely could not stop; there were so many things I wanted to do!! Frankly, too busy to even take pictures.

– – –

Shelter is almost empty

Water and sunshine for several plants

Time and temperature

– – –

Postscript, Thurs., Jan. 29, 2015, 5:00 AM: I was in bed at eight o’clock last night and enjoyed a good six hours of sleep. I’m enthusiastic about another day in the yard.