Choices !!

ChoicesThe last two days, I have been thoroughly immersed with thoughts about family history. Can’t sleep…, remembering…, mulling over researched information. My head and heart are conflicted!! I want to jump back into research and documentation!! However, I also want to retrieve the new planters from the storage unit (down the highway), purchase planter soil, and start working on my garden. I can’t do both; I haven’t the time and energy. Correction: As a retired old lady, I have the time. So it’s a matter of energy? “No” it comes down to which is more beneficial health-wise. Getting exercise working in the yard is the best choice: Exercise, fresh air, beautiful flowers, delicious tomatoes and peppers, entertainment by birds and squirrels. I guess the answer is a “no brainer.”

ScalesFurthermore: The argument could be made that I already spend too much time sitting at the computer (indoors) when I might otherwise be outdoors walking, weeding, racking, etc., etc. ~~ Excuse me; it’s 10:15 and I must tear myself away and feed the birds!!

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