Sixty days & counting !!


“The old lady”  is being precautious. She hasn’t left home since the end of February. (Correction: She hasn’t left the RV Park since the end of February.) It’s a good thing she knows how to entertain herself with a computer? It’s a good thing she knows how to climb trees?


Check this


“This old lady” wants to curl up in a fetal position and suck her thumb.

This has been such a frustrating day!! Remember when I wrote about my website suddenly disappearing from the Internet? Today, a genealogy cousin worked with me for several hours in an effort to upgrade and improve researcher access to Frantz Families–Kith & Kin. Although I labeled this blog “confession,” I do not feel the problems were solely “the old lady.”  I “confess” to being uneducated when it comes to technical computer and Internet stuff. Maybe the vendors selling websites should make their product more “user friendly”?!

P.S. When published yesterday, I failed to mention that “genealogy cousin” and I accomplished the improvement via email messages. “Social distancing,” ha-ha.

Two too early !!

Lots of lightning and thunder!! There were “sheets” of rain falling but the pictures do not capture the scene. ~~ The bedroom window was wide open–and that portion of my trailer home isn’t under the roof “cover.” Items under the window got soaking wet!! ~~ It’s too early to be “up” but I’m wide awake!!

Sleepless in Central Texas


“Sleep aids” would be helpful but I’ve spent half a lifetime devoted to holistic health so I seldom venture beyond Melatonin.

The owner/manager of this RV Park purchased and installed the solar light because (in his words) “I like your bottles.”


Remember the movie The Lost Weekend? Without a good night’s sleep, for me, it is “the lost day.” I hoped a tasty breakfast and a shower would energize me but no such benefit.