More trivia

(Not implying that “praise” is trivia. Readers may feel most to my messages are trivia.) While washing the many food preparation dirty dishes, I observed four Hummingbirds fighting over the feeder. Obviously, it is time for me to set up more feeders!? The hungry little birds empty that feeder in one day!! Regrettably, I do not have flowers for the Hummingbirds. In Livingston, I focused on flowers for the bees, butterflies, and Hummingbirds. Here… the previous owner focused on rose bushes.



Nap time. I wish I had more energy; I get too tired too early in the day.


Prayer request: Several times a week I receive a phone call asking about my former home 5th-wheel trailer. Pray with me that someone will buy it soon.

Mouse trap ?!

It was eerily quiet when I got up at two-thirty this morning. No traffic on the highway. Then I heard that strange sound again. A “crackling sound.” Frequently, without the noise of the television, I’d wonder “what’s that strange sound?”  I’d search… without success. TODAY, I discovered a mouse in the bag of bird food sunflower seeds. I “trapped” the mouse and it will suffocate in that bag. I kept the bag indoors so a raccoon wouldn’t get it outdoors. I never dreamed I’d have a mouse in the house.

OK, P.E.T.A. supporters, the wild thing is still wild. He chewed his way out of the bag. (The bag had been moved to the porch and I pray the nuisance doesn’t find his way back into my home!)

Baked potatoes chagrin ?!

Chagrin, yes, because at this age (three-quarters-and-counting), I should be better in the kitchen?! I’m a “depression era” baby. I grew up with parents who saved string, foil, bags, nuts, bolts, screws, etc., etc.  I, too, have saved those same items (and hauled them from California to Ohio, to North Carolina, and to Texas). Recently (documented in this blog) neighbors unsolicited brought me groceries. They brought food items I never purchase. Today I confess I had potatoes to “save.” Today I baked, yesterday I boiled. This morning I used an oven for the second time in more than six years. (Read about first time…) True story: I can’t remember the last time I used an oven (prior to my move to Texas). Why? Because I’ve preferred salads, and fresh fruit and veggies.



“The old lady” did a Google search to get details about freezing baked potatoes.

To freeze whole baked potatoes, poke several holes in them using the tines of a fork, and wrap them in one layer of heavy-duty aluminum foil. … Freeze the potatoes uncovered until they’re solid, about one hour. Then wrap each one again in heavy-duty aluminum foil and place them in a heavy-duty freezer bag.


A new spin on “distancing”

A couple of days ago, we had a strong wind. I had the thought: “It will be a miracle if bottles don’t get broken.”  On this very pleasant sunny Sunday afternoon I checked… and then started the process of moving the “chandeliers” further apart. Before & after pictures; colors are reversed.

Sunday afternoon activities

Unexplained incentive to do more tasks in the kitchen. More things done in the yard too. In response to a comment on my blog message about baked potatoes, I said:

Earlier today I took the pound of bacon out of the freezer (to thaw). For the last hour I have been frying it off. I haven’t had bacon in my house, or refrigerator, or freezer for thirty years!! (Maybe forty years??) Well, I decided to have some “crisp bacon” to sprinkle (a little) on a baked potato. I also am soaking beans for a big kettle of beans–with a few slices of bacon for flavor–and a little bacon grease. Remember one of the residents brought me a lot of groceries (including a five-pound bag of potatoes) and I decided (today) to use it (the bacon). Makes sense to me that I utilize the gift food from two of my new Waco family. I also intend to make a potato soup with a couple slices of bacon and some bacon grease. Yes, I planned to make “hash browns” with a couple of the boiled potatoes. Two for one meal, two for a second meal. Strangely, I got into the meal preparation mood today. Furthermore, I got a lot done in the yard.

To mask or not to mask, that is the question

This ill-informed old lady received a lengthy email with instructions from “Dr. Deb.”  Honestly, the only time I’ve worn a mask is for the picture. I haven’t left the RV Park since the end of February so (honestly) gloves and mask haven’t been uppermost in my mind. (I’m more concerned about getting a good night’s sleep. I was awake before five and up at five-twenty because I doubted I’ll fall asleep again.) My friend, Deb, explained the difficulties she has experienced getting the right size mask for family members. OMG, I hadn’t thought of that. Surely, eventually, I will “leave home” and I need to prepare. (Years ago I purchased “survival food” so I was prepared for an emergency.)

It isn’t a secret, I have a “one-track mind”: Genealogy, genealogy, genealogy! I need to live to one-hundred years young because so much information yet to document! But it’s time for me to prepare for an outing. “Old folks” are at risk for Coronavirus and the news media indicates we’ll face “this problem” again in the Fall (with cold and flu season). With 20/20 hindsight (and news from “Dr. Deb”) I realize I should have been more cautious about the food items that were delivered to my door.

Family history is extremely interesting !!

There are so many “colorful” people in my “tree.” Yesterday I learned of Rocky Mountain Dick  and I suggest you read an interesting article (click highlighted link above). Within my Ancestry database, “Dick” is identified as the husband of wife of 2nd cousin 2x removed. Doing a Google search, I found this second article, and a third.  I’ve said it before: There is no stopping point with Ancestry. When I run out of “hints” and “sources,” for an individual, I document the wife, or husband, and children, and children’s spouses. Yesterday’s foray began after reading (and documenting) Terrible Traxler Tragedy. As indicated, I don’t limit myself to Ancestry, I search the Internet for additional information.


It’s Saturday noon and “ur” has “sat” half-a-day. Other than preparing coffee, I’ve been on the computer since five-twenty. The only way to tear me away from “climbing the family tree” is to steal my ladder! ~~ This is a cooler day and you-know-who should get off “ur” derriere and enjoy fresh air and exercise in “ur” yard!!

‘Twas invigorating: Two PM after two hours working in the yard. Two more “bottle bushes” were set up and bottles attached. Rose bushes were relieved of their “dead heads”and Lorraine has the bloody scratches to show for it. Now it’s time for a break and an Aleve?!