To mask or not to mask, that is the question

This ill-informed old lady received a lengthy email with instructions from “Dr. Deb.”  Honestly, the only time I’ve worn a mask is for the picture. I haven’t left the RV Park since the end of February so (honestly) gloves and mask haven’t been uppermost in my mind. (I’m more concerned about getting a good night’s sleep. I was awake before five and up at five-twenty because I doubted I’ll fall asleep again.) My friend, Deb, explained the difficulties she has experienced getting the right size mask for family members. OMG, I hadn’t thought of that. Surely, eventually, I will “leave home” and I need to prepare. (Years ago I purchased “survival food” so I was prepared for an emergency.)

It isn’t a secret, I have a “one-track mind”: Genealogy, genealogy, genealogy! I need to live to one-hundred years young because so much information yet to document! But it’s time for me to prepare for an outing. “Old folks” are at risk for Coronavirus and the news media indicates we’ll face “this problem” again in the Fall (with cold and flu season). With 20/20 hindsight (and news from “Dr. Deb”) I realize I should have been more cautious about the food items that were delivered to my door.

One comment on “To mask or not to mask, that is the question

  1. Ten Bears says:

    Unless you find yourself on a crowded beach, or one of those cruises you are so fond of, you only need to wear the mask if you’re going into an enclosed space where other people have been within three hours before you. ‘Round the trailer park, puttering in the garden, out in the parking lot at the store, in your car… is just a fashion statement. My biggest concern about you is now that the temps are up these places will cool themselves down to where the bug can survive, and it will spread again.

    Again, outside in the sunshine, 80+°, little bit of a breeze, there’s no need. Literally inside anywhere else: whither it’s Wally World or the corner gas station, or your neighbor’s house, wear a mask.

    I’m kinda’ getting a kick out of wrapping a bandana ’round my face, not unlike a long, hard ride keeping the bugs out m’teeth, or not breathing volcanic ash hooking logs to helicopters of Mt St Helens. Kinda’ queasy about it though ’round cops, or going in the post office.

    You’re doing just fine.

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