No woe, today !!

Surprisingly (or not?) I was “less sick” today. My little feathered friends are back!! I thoroughly enjoy watching the birds in my backyard!!

I haven’t seen the Bluebird couple since I exchanged their former home for a more expensive Bluebird house.  But they were obviously drawn back for the mealworms that I put out daily.  (Put out daily when I’m not on vacation, ha.)  Hopefully, the Bluebird couple will build a nest in the new house next Spring.  ~~  Yesterday, I grieved over a dead Hummingbird found on the patio.  I feared it might be my frequent visitor but a Hummer, or several Hummers (one at a time), were enjoying the nectar and nearby flowers today.

Oh, woe is me !!

A story on the 11 o’clock news caught my attention last night.  It was about Kudzu bugs and I made a mental note to check  I searched… and now I know that is the bug that has been feasting on my Scarlet Runner Bean vines (and earlier, my tomato plants).  Beautiful flowers on Scarlet Runner attracts the Hummingbirds.  This is an unwanted pest in my backyard garden!!  I’ve had the little nuisance for several months but how would I do a Google search (or Ask search) if I couldn’t identify it?!  Fortunately, I have not been aware of their distinction as a “stink bug.”  ~~  Little did I know–when I planted my backyard garden–how often I would consult the World Wide Web for information.  I searched for appropriate flowers to attract the Hummingbirds; I searched for information regarding Bluebirds, and succeeded in  wooing them to my Bluebird houses; and I searched for information about growing Topsy-Turvy upside-down tomato plants.  Isn’t the Internet awesome?? (FYI: The above pictures came from the Internet. I tried to get a good image [that could be enlarged via a crop] but they are quite small–about the size of a ladybug–and the image is blurred.  However, on the right, a leaf in my garden ruined by Kudzu bugs.)

The “Entertainers.”

The message has spread far and wide: “She’s back.” Three squirrels on my patio at the same time. Two of their designated feeders were in the apartment when I took the first picture.  This is the first time I’ve seen them eating alfalfa pellets.  In my humble opinion, the squirrels are very entertaining!! ~~ I take the chair–and compressed block with corn, sunflower seeds & peanuts–into the apartment at night (block on far left of third picture).  The raccoons love the treats, too, but I don’t want them devouring the squirrel food.

Shame, shame, Lorraine !!

Yesterday, I cleaned the T@B trailer–and spent time driving back and forth between the apartment and the nearby RV Park.  Today, I planned to do more things at the trailer but could not find the car keys.  I searched my apartment thoroughly!!  Finally, I called AAA and they sent a locksmith.  Yes, the keys were locked in the KIA.  ~~  I am furious with myself!!  Religiously, I do not lock the car unless I have the keys clutched in my hand!!  I–with great emphasis–hang the keys on the specifically ordained hook in the apartment.  ~~  What was I thinking last night??

Yes, I am home from my mini-vacation.  But I was sick all week!!  It was **NOT** a pleasant vacation.  I returned Sunday evening–a day earlier than planned.  On Monday, I ignored the things that needed attention at the trailer.  Tuesday, I applied my limited energy to the necessary tasks.  Perhaps I left my brain in the T@B when I drove back to the apartment??  I repeat: I am furious with myself!! 

Some not-so-important information: I’m not the only one that is forgetful.  The squirrels, rabbits and birds have “forgotten” the one that lavished them with an awesome array of food.

Clifford is 50 !!

Clifford is 50 years old. Hard to believe!!  ~~  “Clifford” is a decoration on my bed. I’ve used the color, red, as the accent color in my combination living room / bedroom. In this rented apartment, I have not painted, papered, or hung pictures. I’ve relied on a red throw rug. a red chair, a red sheet over my recliner, etc., etc., to give the room some personality. Furthermore, red is an accent color outside my patio door: Hummingbird feeder, bird feeders, squirrel feeder “wreath” with whole peanuts, etc.

(Superfluous information!!)


Mini vacation !!

Thought you ought to know: I’m leaving “Home Tweet Home” for a week or more.

This afternoon I did a few things–at the T@B tiny travel trailer–in preparation for a Saturday morning departure.  I plan to visit Asheville, North Carolina, the Biltmore Estate, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and whatever attraction crosses my path.  I’ll also go to Wilkesboro, North Carolina, for an appointment with my holistic health doctor.  ~~  At this hour (6:00 PM), I’m considering NOT taking my laptop computer.  My e-mail is overflowing with political messages!!  The TV programming and commercials (as you well know), is endless political messages.  I’m sick of it!!  I probably won’t have electricity for TV so–without the laptop computer–I can relax and “recharge” from several stressful months.  (I’ve worked extra hours to cover for coworkers on vacation.  I made headway on “downsizing.”)  ~~  En route to my mini-vacation, tomorrow I’ll attend a regional meeting for Operation Christmas Child.  ~~  Anticipate an update when I return.

A message of encouragement !!

My Darling Lorraine,

Are you a glass half full or a glass half empty kinda person?

Let me give you a sneaky little hint. When you tap into me, the glass is already three quarters full. With just a little effort on your part, it’s pretty easy to walk around with a full cup.

Topping you off,

Dad   (Your Heavenly Father)