Shame, shame, Lorraine !!

Yesterday, I cleaned the T@B trailer–and spent time driving back and forth between the apartment and the nearby RV Park.  Today, I planned to do more things at the trailer but could not find the car keys.  I searched my apartment thoroughly!!  Finally, I called AAA and they sent a locksmith.  Yes, the keys were locked in the KIA.  ~~  I am furious with myself!!  Religiously, I do not lock the car unless I have the keys clutched in my hand!!  I–with great emphasis–hang the keys on the specifically ordained hook in the apartment.  ~~  What was I thinking last night??

Yes, I am home from my mini-vacation.  But I was sick all week!!  It was **NOT** a pleasant vacation.  I returned Sunday evening–a day earlier than planned.  On Monday, I ignored the things that needed attention at the trailer.  Tuesday, I applied my limited energy to the necessary tasks.  Perhaps I left my brain in the T@B when I drove back to the apartment??  I repeat: I am furious with myself!! 

Some not-so-important information: I’m not the only one that is forgetful.  The squirrels, rabbits and birds have “forgotten” the one that lavished them with an awesome array of food.

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