NON-adventure !!

I left home at 8:00 AM fortified with 5-Hour Energy. Most of the drive to the cardiologist’s doctor’s office was tolerable. First, I visited “an old friend” Panera and enjoyed my old standby: Whole wheat bagel with veggie cream cheese, and Hazelnut coffee. From there, I was hopelessly lost.  I plugged my Garmin (2010 purchase) into the socket and waited more than five minutes while it was “acquiring satellite.” Eventually, I reached my destination. I was in the medical building at 9:50 ahead of my 10:05 appointment. The half-hour visit with the doctor was gratifying.

Back in my vehicle (about 11:00), I asked for directions to Jason’s Deli (because I was already aware that Jason’s was in that vicinity). Traffic was terrible!! I loved the salad I prepared at Jason’s. There are not enough words to adequately describe the confusing drive home. The Garmin aggravating woman’s voice constantly advised “recalculating.” She wanted to put me on Interstate35. I will not drive on I-35. Then I was in familiar territory and I detoured to my pharmacy to pick up a prescription. Home at 2:05 PM.

I give 200% credit to constant prayer for protection (to and from). Quite possibly, I was an accident waiting to happen? ~~ In difficult moments, seek God; in every moment, thank God.

Guardian Angels

A California “angel” sent an email message with valuable information for tomorrow’s “adventure” across town at the cardiologist appointment. When I ordered VINIA, it did not occur to me that it might conflict with recently prescribed medications. I’m a novice regarding doctor’s appointments (and confinement in the hospital), and prescription drugs. ~~~ I’m so grateful for my followers (on the blog)! ~~~ My Florida angel lavishes gifts of food (and Terro for my recent insect problem). ~~~ My Texas angel is the owner-manager of this RV Park

Change of mind

Friends have been “in touch” during the recent twenty-four hours. They are so supportive and express confidence that I “can do it.”  Now I look forward to “a new adventure.”  Please keep me in your prayers and positive thoughts.

Terrified !!

The cardiologist doctor’s offices are “clear across town.” Waco traffic is a nightmare and I am terrified to drive beyond my comfort zone (see map). “They” have me scheduled for an appointment on Tuesday morning and I am terrified at the prospect of that trip. True story: You could not pay me to drive on Interstate 35!! “The 340 Loop”  has heavy traffic because drivers want to avoid I35. I’m requesting your prayers and thinkingofyouthoughts.


Good news & bad news

A “good” visit with my doctor yesterday. She is very compassionate and the kindest doctor I’ve ever had (not that I’ve had many doctors during my lifetime). The “bad news” is the A-Fib has returned and I’m in much discomfort (truthfully pain). She made a referral to a cardiologist. SINCERE THANKS to friends for their phone call to check on me because they missed my usually daily blog message. SINCERE THANKS to my dear friend, Deb, for the boxes of food after I commented on the unappealing meals from Meals On Wheels. SINCERE THANKS to “Mr. Red” for Pecan Praline ice cream and fresh fruit.