Change of mind

Friends have been “in touch” during the recent twenty-four hours. They are so supportive and express confidence that I “can do it.”  Now I look forward to “a new adventure.”  Please keep me in your prayers and positive thoughts.

One comment on “Change of mind

  1. Deb says:

    Of course you can! Except for a trucker, you have probably driven more in your travels than anyone else I know. You’re a little out of practice from spending so much time at home, but just take it slow and easy. If you give yourself extra time, it won’t matter if you make a wrong turn. Hopefully you will feel well enough to treat yourself to a meal out, or some shopping. If nothing else, there are drive throughs. The folks who work where you are going, or other people waiting with you, could be good sources of information on what’s around there. You are always in our positive thoughts and our prayers.

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