Sweeter than honey !!

Glorious rain!!

There are still a few sprinkles at eleven but the storm has moved out of the area. Comfortable seventy-one degrees at eleven o’clock.


The air-conditioner had a rest for several hours but a necessity again. Outdoors, the humidity wrapped around me like a wet blanket. I anticipated an enjoyable experience in the yard but was bitterly disappointed.


The power of friendship !!

Eight years ago, another RVer reached out to me and suggested I spend the night in her driveway. I was en route from Cape Cod to Acadia National Park. Here is the list of our activities as she opened her home–and heart–to me. Even to this day, she extends consideration and compassion. Yesterday, Debbie was offering suggestions of ways to ease the aches and pains from my recent fall.

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Fried brain, Lorraine ?!

Couldn’t help myself. I went out to water plants and got sidetracked burning accumulated leaves and limbs in the barrel. Dry leaves and limbs burn extremely hot–and I was (perspiring) nearby with the garden hose. Most of my yard work in shade but look at the temperature in the sunshine.

Forgot to mention earlier about creating protection for Purple Shamrock. “Elevated” to discourage squirrels and rabbits; wire frame and netting for additional protection. No expense; old stuff I’ve accumulated over the years.


Fire ants

On a lazy Saturday morning,, enjoying gourmet coffee*, nursing aches and pains, the old lady watched a very interesting television program about fire ants.  It’s nice to learn details about the little creatures that cause me pain and frustration. If that link doesn’t take you to the program, search NBC for the program titled Journey with Dylan Dryer. By experience, I’ve learned that “flip-flops” or barefoot sandals are a definite “no-no” in my yard. The program did not talk about their “poison” but I speculate they leave residue that causes a sting. Sometimes I have itching and burning but never saw an ant. Dumping a commercial “killer” product on the colony is another ritual along with watering plants.

*  Snickernut cookie (and not K-cup).

Oh happy day !!

A friend called “to check on me.”  It must have been telepathy because I was thinking of her and curious about her, and her travels. She is in “cool and comfortable”  mountains of Pennsylvania.  ~~ While preparing this message, I’m enjoying “comfort food.”  With wholesome food, I might live to be one-hundred? Did you hear that the oldest person died? She was one-hundred-seventeen years old.


Absence of birds !!

However, mid-day, I briefly saw a Hummingbird on this feeder. I cleaned…, and filled with fresh nectar. I seldom see birds in my yard. I think they flew North to escape the horrible heat and humidity. Picture of Hummer taken forty months ago. “Absence of birds” prompted me to clean the other feeders before Fall and Winter.