Hurry, hurry !!

Out the door before seven o’clock in an effort to beat the heat. Even at that hour, the humidity was very uncomfortable. All the plants were watered and fountain/bird bath “topped.” Pail with A/C condensation emptied.


My previous experience with Purple Shamrock led me to believe it doesn’t thrive in sunshine. It was imperative (imho)  to transplant and relocate.  (I have other plans for the large planter.) See Sad and glad for more details about Purple Shamrock .


Twelve noon, etc., etc.

TV meteorologist says add ten to twelve degrees for “feels like” temperature.


Added to organic Spring Mixed Greens with balsamic vinegar and extra virgin olive oil: Avocado, Bell pepper, celery, chia seeds, Craisins, flax seeds and two home-grown vine-ripe tomatoes.

FYI: Very few minutes spent on the computer today. No family history!!



Poor posies !!

The plants cannot survive one day without water. I was distracted this morning (family history) and did not spend time in the yard. I just walked to the mailbox and saw many plants drooping in the one-hundred degree sunshine. But too hot for this old lady to spend time watering them at this hour.

Thirty years and counting !!

Seven days and counting!! Fifteen hours (or more) yesterday. Family history is so addictive and the Internet makes research so simple. Yes, yesterday was non-stop. Gratefully, I had celery, bell pepper, apple and cheese to snack on; no meal preparation.

Mundane Monday !!

Six hours away from home–in and out of extreme heat. Between doctor appointments and grocery shopping, I was in the car hot as an oven. And, OMG, the miserable heat radiating up from asphalt parking lots!! Oh, so grateful for my cool and comfortable air-conditioned home.