MyHeritage genealogy in a SCAM !!

“Madder than a wet hen.”  Somebody pushed my buttons!! Very few of my readers will find this of interest but someone doing an Internet search might find my complaint of interest about MyHeritage. First: I sent two email messages, two days apart, saying I did not want to subscribe to MyHeritage. They charged my credit card  used to do a “free” search. No response to my emails so I checked their website for a phone number. I received a recorded message that said the number cannot be reached from my area code. I was calling a United States number from a United States area code!! I’m not a fan of Facebook but I went to MyHeritage page and left a comment/complaint. “They” must monitor their messages closely because they answered in five minutes. My message wasn’t published and I didn’t know how to answer the answer. I sent a second message and received a second message saying I’d receive a phone call. OK, (this makes me madder than a wet hen) my messages never appeared before other MyHeritage Facebook followers. That’s sneaky of them!! As I said, I’m not a fan of Facebook but it is my understanding that the writer is the only one to delete a message. Sneaky, sneaky of MyHeritage to scrutinize messages prior to publication.  On the phone call, I was advised I would see a refund in ten to fifteen days–and the phone call was coming from the very number I was unable to reach (1-800-997-9000). Curiosity prompts me to ask this question: “How often does MyHeritage charge $119.40 to an unsuspecting visitor?”

I’m not finished: Here was my (a few days) earlier experience on their website. I did a search for Letitia Frantz and MyHeritage brought up the woman and directed me–via a hot link–to the 100% free FamilySearch website.  

Am I just “overly sensitive” regarding all things genealogy? Before clicking the “publish”  button, I did an Internet search and immediately found this site declaring MyHeritage is a scam. Read what others are saying. ~~  A second website.

I’ll make this my closing remark: We have a hobby; we’re passionate about documenting our family history. It should be a punishable crime for a business to take advantage of us.



Makes my blood boil !!

I just have to share with my readers that I seriously got very angry while writing the previous blog message–and reading complaints. about MyHeritage. My body temperature rose and I thought my air-conditioner had quit. I was perspiring; I was miserably hot. Yes, it has been extremely hot today but the A/C is working just fine. ~~ I take family history seriously!! As a Texas resident, it made me angry when I heard of the theft of Texas historic treasure. Read about Texas Governor James Stephen Hogg and see a picture of Ima. (IMHO: How dare he saddle his daughter with the name Ima Hogg?!)

Brain drain ??

Did the fall affect my brain?? Today I did three loads of laundry. During third… I was “doing” miscellaneous in the yard. When I came indoors, I saw the thermometer indicating 101 degrees. I had to “hang out” near the laundry room so I could be available when washing machine was draining. I’m cleaning bird feeders. ~~ Have you seen the TV commercials for “ugly house people”? Well, I’m an ugly planter person. Eventually, I plan to sand and spray paint. ~~ Tarps are clean and put away.

Clumsy old lady…

…took a bad fall!!

Aches and pains; no broken bones. Took awhile to get up and my major concern: I didn’t have my cell phone with 5-Star (panic button). Ignoring the pain, I watered all the plants, dumped the pail with A/C condensation, etc., etc. However, I’m in “slow gear” today.


FYI: This blog is my “journal” so I document the things happening in my every day life.

In spite & despite ?

In spite of the heat, despite pain from the fall, I was in the yard picking up downed limbs and pulling weeds. I’d walked across the street to the Clubhouse to tell the host that I would “be there in spirit”  but would miss the movie “Funny Farm.”  See, I can’t even walk through my yard without “doing” some maintenance. ~~ I hope I can find something interesting on my TV. ~~ Counting my blessings!!

Plethora of problems ?!

“Plethora of problems”  was an expression used by a TV newsman this morning. I immediately thought “That fits my situation perfectly; that’s a good name for a blog message.”  Having said that, I won’t bore you with a repeat of the details because you’ve heard them all (over and over).


Hallelujah !!

I just walked the carton of organic almond milk to the refrigerator in the laundry room and mused  “It almost feels like rain.”  Back to the yard, and the ramp to my door, and sprinkles of rain. Feels so wonderful!!


Only lasted for a couple of minutes but cooled the air.

Serendipity !!

Home from appointments at four. See the hospital bracelet on right arm? Good news, no problems. Changed clothes immediately because I’m going to a Luau at the clubhouse (across the street) in Rainbow’s End RV Park (and I’ll cut off the “bracelet”). ~~ “Serendipity”  because a kind gentleman (stranger) paid for my lunch at Taco Bell. In four-and-one-half years, probably the second time I was in Taco Bell  (but tacos sounded appealing although NOT the most healthy choice). Absolutely everyone I encountered today was exceptionally nice. ~~ New glasses cost almost $500.00 but a necessity. (I’m positive I paid less than $200.00 more than five years ago. Inflation?) The mechanic fixed a little faux pas  they overlooked a couple of weeks ago. A very good day!! (I needed a “good”  day!!)