Serendipity !!

Home from appointments at four. See the hospital bracelet on right arm? Good news, no problems. Changed clothes immediately because I’m going to a Luau at the clubhouse (across the street) in Rainbow’s End RV Park (and I’ll cut off the “bracelet”). ~~ “Serendipity”  because a kind gentleman (stranger) paid for my lunch at Taco Bell. In four-and-one-half years, probably the second time I was in Taco Bell  (but tacos sounded appealing although NOT the most healthy choice). Absolutely everyone I encountered today was exceptionally nice. ~~ New glasses cost almost $500.00 but a necessity. (I’m positive I paid less than $200.00 more than five years ago. Inflation?) The mechanic fixed a little faux pas  they overlooked a couple of weeks ago. A very good day!! (I needed a “good”  day!!)

One comment on “Serendipity !!

  1. Rebecca Tracy says:

    Read my July 23’rd comment. it may take an HOUR on hold to talk to a GENUINE Dell rep on the phone. Impatience got me hooked up with an HP scammer from INDIA!!!!!

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