Major meltdown…

…and not from the heat!!

Yesterday, I was experiencing problems with this five-year old computer. I decided to switch to the “new” Dell computer purchased approximately sixteen months ago. Purchased that computer for the family history scanning project. That labor-of-love came to a screeching halt when I was evicted from the CARE Center. The Dell has been gathering dust.

I’ve never password protected my computers!! Apparently, I deviated from that habit because I hit a wall. I couldn’t remember the password. Gospel truth: I’ve kept a notebook for decades with passwords for websites I access on the Internet (and other miscellaneous valuable information). No password for the Dell. Surely I wrote it in the notebook of information for the scanning project. I searched for an hour before I found that item–and no documented password. All the valuable information for peculiarities of the scanning project–but no password. Then I spent time attempting every password I’ve ever used, and variations of each. At this writing, I do not know how I’ll get into the Dell. I’ll do an Internet search and see if I can find an answer.

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