Searching for an answer


No time in the yard today; all my time (this morning) focused on my two laptop computers. My first Internet search suggested I could download a solution to a CD so I was searching for a blank. I rarely access the old (old) computer disks. Quite amusing: An old disk with “1996 newsletter.”  (I can throw that away.)

No small amount of time attempting to download only to learn (after the fact) it would cost $29.95. I abandoned that… and continued searching the Internet. Next, a toll-free number identified as “Dell Support.”  From 10:23 until 11:30, I was on the phone with Supriya Kumari, in India, a technician with After an hour with access to this computer, she was unable to provide assistance to unlock my Dell computer. She offered a plan for one-year technical support for $199.99. I declined; she offered one-time-only for $79.00. I thanked her for her time and said I’m eighty-three, on fixed income, and will “tough it out”  (muddle it through) without their technical assistance. The deed was done but curiosity prompted me to search… and GuruAid is portrayed as a SCAM on the Internet.

Next: Make an effort to contact Dell.

2 comments on “Searching for an answer

  1. Becky Tracy says:

    Hope you didn’t give her your credit card number. If so, she will steal your identity. Happened to me with HP imposter. FROM INDIA. Went through 3 months of hell and had to get a new Visa.

  2. Becky Tracy says:

    Have you checked your credit card fraud department??? Are all your debits legitimate? I am afraid you are naive about identity theft possibilities you could have exposed yourself to.

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