Lost in the forest

Late afternoon, yesterday, I discovered I had an unimaginable error with one individual. OMG, it has taken all day to research and properly document that person. While trekking through the forest, I found several other errors (not of my making) and corrected them. “Just a janitor cleaning up messes.” ~~ True story: Many years ago I earned my living as a proofreader of telephone book listings. Imagine reading “letter for letter and number for number.” I think that experience trained my brain. Perhaps I’m safe saying “Through the years, errors have a way of grabbing my attention.”


“Lost in the forest”  seemed an appropriate title because there are so many trees and many are identical. After focusing on a specific tree, I’d find myself questioning “Where was I?”

Never, never a stopping point !!

I just finished a two-day labor of love regarding the obituary of an Old German Baptist Brethren cousin. Two days!! I document the extended family and usually there is never a stopping point. It’s 4:15 PM and I’m ready to start documenting the obituary of another cousinand the extended family. See all those green leaves? Those are “hints” and I won’t leave the families until there are no more hints. Actually, there are dozens more individuals who will get my time and attention. They are siblings who do not appear on the ancestor chart. Check back later when there will be another chart without green leaf hints.


A Legacy in Music: Bill and Gloria Gaither. Yours truly was weary of the constant news footage of the horrific incident in Memphis, Tennessee. A click of my TV remote and I was viewing Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). Oh boy, oh joy, a program about Bill and Gloria Gaither. For decades, I’ve enjoyed the Gaithers. The ninety-minute program was immediately repeated and I watched again. Repeat: “Oh boy, oh joy.” ~~ To emphasizeand personalizeone of their musical creations: I can face tomorrow (today) because He lives.

Feeling better and climbing trees !!

“Cousin” sends obituaries but he relies on information in my tree for supporting information (and that is positively OK with me).

Feeling betterthanks to two new prescriptionsbut lack the energy to tackle the neglected projects. Frankly, barely enough energy to climb a tree.

Peculiar intervention

Obituaries are piling up. It has been about ten days since I did any research and documentation on Ancestry. Who would imagine a bout with the flu would halt an addiction?  Truthfully, strangely, I’ve lost my interest in genealogy. Perhaps I can shift my time and attention to the demanding task of downsizing.  I must “put my house in order.”