Escape into cyberspace

That’s me; I crawled into the computer. I was so sad and depressed watching and listening to the news about the war in Ukraine. FOX News has extremely detailed information from reporters in Ukraine. I barely came up for air: Genealogy, genealogy, genealogy plus corn chips and ice cream. The reporters had heartbreaking interviews with residents. I turned the TV off but continued my research. Here is an image describing individuals that received my detailed attention. That was as complicated as solving a Rubik Cube.


I received an interesting Ancestry  message today. A man in the United Kingdom has been reading my documentation of the Traxler family (my paternal grandmother was a Traxler). His “tree” isn’t much bigger than a potted plant so I’m happy that my research will help a “cousin” in a far-away country. Perhaps, in time, he will supply family information to benefit all Traxler researchers?

Big D & me



The heartwrenching situation in Ukraine has me so depressed and discouraged. In my humble opinion, the United Statesthe Presidentshould be doing more for those people and that country. Woman writing about weather and war.

Wacky woman news

I’m terrified of Waco traffic. Not only near I35 but surface streets, too. Lots of construction. I researched the location of a polling place but I “goofed.” I continued on highway 84 all the way across Waco. Traffic was terrible!! ~~ Early voting ends on Fridayand really cold weather was forecast. Ready or not, I had to leave “my comfort zone.” Exasperated, I turned around and retraced my route. I stopped (on my route) “downtown” and cast my votes at the headquarters. (Really unique voting machines.)

Note that I left home at about 1:45; I left the polling place at 3:00 PM. I continued retracing my route and stopped at H.E.B. for groceries. Home again at 4:27 PM. I exaggerate NOT: it was a “white knuckle ride.” A total of twenty-five miles driven. ~~ See what the meteorologist said about our weather for the next few days.


Eerily quiet !!

Two days and the phone has not rung!! Honestly, I don’t know how it happened in the “set up” but “robo calls” must be blocked. Gospel truth: My Jitterbug phone rang at least a dozen times a day with numbers I did not recognize.