Wacky woman news

I’m terrified of Waco traffic. Not only near I35 but surface streets, too. Lots of construction. I researched the location of a polling place but I “goofed.” I continued on highway 84 all the way across Waco. Traffic was terrible!! ~~ Early voting ends on Fridayand really cold weather was forecast. Ready or not, I had to leave “my comfort zone.” Exasperated, I turned around and retraced my route. I stopped (on my route) “downtown” and cast my votes at the headquarters. (Really unique voting machines.)

Note that I left home at about 1:45; I left the polling place at 3:00 PM. I continued retracing my route and stopped at H.E.B. for groceries. Home again at 4:27 PM. I exaggerate NOT: it was a “white knuckle ride.” A total of twenty-five miles driven. ~~ See what the meteorologist said about our weather for the next few days.


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