The word “spizzerinctum” was rattling around in my mind. Obviously, curiosity prompted me to do a Googe search. Here is an interesting explanation regarding spizzerinctum. I thought my followers would appreciate a message void of “trees” or “temperature.”


The words and the image (above) were prepared a couple of days ago and “scheduled” for this day. I wasn’t planning to say a word about genealogy!! Couldn’t help myself; I published “What a pretty lady” shortly after I started my day.

What a pretty lady !!

Couldn’t sleep; “up” before four. This picture was almost the first thing I saw (in my email). “What a pretty lady.” ~~ Yes, I’m drawn to the computer from early morning to late at night. “Computer” and “coffee” first thing in the morning. ~~ Her name is Dora Showalter and she is my great-grandaunt.

New-found cousin

Surprise! It’s a long story and I won’t bore you with the details. A portion of my dayand into the wee hours of the morningI was still “working” on the family mentioned in yesterday’s blog message. It was, indeed, a surprise to encounter this cousin.

I don’t “plan” to climb trees in the middle of the night. I went to bed at about ten but couldn’t go to sleep. Lying in bed, wide awake, is a waste of time. Therefore, a return to the computer.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript @ 11:11 AM: If you are an “old-timer” like me, you remember radio commentator Paul Harvey telling “The rest of the story.”  Here is Lorraine’s “rest of the story.”

An army of volunteers document individuals buried in cemeteries and the information is dispersed through Find A Grave. I emailed the person who photographed and published the tombstone for “Mary M. wife of John Bowman.” I asked if he could take a picture that includes the “age” information at the bottom of the tombstone. His biographical information indicates he researches many of the same surnames I research.

Armed with the name of the volunteerJohn D. Moore III started a brand-new Ancestry search. It was like a stab-in-the-dark to ask for a name without supporting information. To my amazement, the immediate response was my own Ancestry database. “How does he ‘fit’ on my tree?”  The answer appears in the ancestry chart above. Quite possibly, the Find A Grave volunteer is the son of John Devries Moore.

Lost track of time; never a stopping point !!

I was working to accurately document another family rife with inaccurate information. Yipes, don’t “they” ever do any research? Must “they” always copy from one another? Hours ago, I turned off the TV and put the bad news out of my mind. (“They”  are other subscribers to Ancestry.com.)

Heading to bed at 3:00 AM; I’ve been “up” for twenty-two hours.

One small voice !!

I’m horrified by the events in Afghanistan. For eleven years, I was an Army wife. I didn’t lose my husband in war but I can relatein a small wayto the heartache of wives and mothers who lost their loved ones yesterday.

Can’t sleep; horrible images; heavy heart; crying.

Impeach the buffoon!!

Dear Journal

As frequently stated, “This is my journal.”  I feel compelled to express myself. I’m closely following the situation in Afghanistan on FOX News. I’m distraught; I can’t stop crying. On top of grief for the horrific events, my firstborn son repeatedly sticks a knife in my heart.


“Obsessive-compulsive”  is a label I’ve hung on myself. “Climbing the family tree”  has been my escape during the Coronavirus pandemic. For the past two days, I have shunned the computer and Ancestry.com. (Computer for blog messages.) It’s 3:00 PM and I’ve been watching/listening to TV news since 5:00 AM (more than nine hours). Yesterday, conservatively, nineteen hours of TV News. This message was prompted because I’m confused by all the double-talk. Have you noticed? News commentators are understood; government agencies ‘ briefings are evasive and “double-talk.” Whom do we believe? What do we believe? ~~ I have concern for Christian brothers and sisters in Afghanistan. Yes, one report said there are a large number of former Muslims who have accepted Jesus as their Lord and Savior. They are despised… and those remaining in the country will be tortured and killed. Furthermore, my heart goes out to the Afghan women and girls under Taliban rule.