Detective at work !!

This researcher does not rely on “hints.” I get out the magnifying glass and examine Census records, birth, and death records.


Frequently I spend hours (or days) on one family. I stay with… until I feel it is 200% accurate. I’m not content to write about perceived discrepancies in Ancestry “comments” because “the other guy” may not read my comments. Quite often, I believe “a picture” is needed to describe accurate information (a picture in the Gallery of the individual). Sometimes it takes an hour to prepare one of those “screenprint” images with my observation regarding the subject. ~~~ (Hopefully the “mental gymnastics” will ward off dementia or Alzheimers.)  🙂

“Back gate”

The reader may be too young to remember “Watergate.”  The reader may lack interest in my “back gate.”  That’s OK-you’re OK. This is my journal and I choose to write about “back gate.” Apparently, I am not OK because my neighbor shut the gate!! That broke my heart; I can’t stop crying. I “check” two-dozen times a day. (Aren’t you delighted that the topic wasn’t genealogy or weather??)  🙂 🙂 🙂