“Stump the expert” part two

Humor this avid genealogist and go back and read Stump the Expert. Here is a copy of the email message I sent to a sixth cousin–or maybe she isn’t a sixth cousin?!

Cheryl, I have been working with your family for several hours. I use two computers at the same time so I can “make comparisons,” etc., etc. I’ve looked at your tree; I’ve examine my tree; I read and re-read your messages on Ancestry.

Obviously, apparently, indubitably, I have your family entered incorrectly. I was following hints and sources but obviously, apparently, indubitably, I have your family entered incorrectly. So “Vestal” does not apply to your lineage?? As I said, I am so confused.

I’ve considered myself very knowledgeable about my Frantz family and collateral lines. I’ve considered myself quite knowledgable about Ancestry. Recently I did a blog message about “stump the expert” and admitted that I was “stumped.” Well, today, I am “stumped, stumped”!! I think you need to point out that Lorraine has (Xyz) entered incorrectly.

“Confused” in Waco, Texas

A battle is raging

A battle is raging between my mind and my emotions. I won’t go into the details. I’m reminded of the time when I was a secretary for the American Institute of Family Relations. I was mingling with counselors; I assisted with seminars. “I’m OK, you’re OK, I’m not OK, you’re not OK”  was a popular theme. ~~ Yesterday “something happened” that my body (emotions) interpreted as “I’m not OK.”  In my brain, I’m disputing that narrative.

The Touch of the Master’s Hand

Yesterday, I shared a poem with my neighbor, Monica. When she didn’t know the poem, I moved from her yard to my living room and retrieved my copy of LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions. On page 48 is the poem “The Touch of the Master’s Hand.” Decades ago, I was challenged regarding a poem in a “cemetery book.” My response: “The ‘editor’ can add a poem if she wants to.”

This eighty-five-year-old is delighted to report receiving a beautiful email reply to this blog message. Here is my reply to her.


Good morning, Cheryl,

SINCERE THANKS for sharing your story with me. That poem has long been a favorite of mine. Long before I started reading the tombstones in the LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery. “The book” was almost complete; I was “proofing” the “camera-ready” pages. Suddenly (miraculously) I realized the association between the name Myra Brooks Welch and the poem. Yes, she is buried there and quite possibly was a friend of my grandparents. I immediately walked across the room to the bookcase full of poem books and had Myra’s poems in my hands.

If you look at the copy of the book (listed with a link in that blog message), you will see that the poem is alone on a blank page. Of no interest to you, perhaps, but there are certain rules in publishing. We always start a new chapter on the right-hand page. As God my Heavenly Father planned it (?) the blank page was close to the documentation of the grave-site for Myra Brooks Welch. So obviously I added The Touch of the Master’s Hand to LaVerne Evergreen Cemetery Tombstone Inscription.

Sixth cousin, Lorraine, wishing you a happy weekend. Stay safe, stay healthy.

P.S.S. Please, please read the valuable information on this. website, this link.

Obsessive-compulsive one-track-mind !!

The “cousin” sent another obituary three days ago and the families are so “tight-knit” (interwoven) I couldn’t find a stopping point. Can you believe that the names of parents, siblings, spouse, children, spouses of children, and grandchildren required three days to document?

“Hot spot”

TV “Today”  had a lengthy discussion about California being the “new hot spot” for the Coronavirus. Personally, I’ll “ride out” the virus in my “hot spot” in Waco, Texas. I worry about my family living in California and my son who is a teacher. Old age has its advantage: 1) Retirement from the daily work environment, 2) children grown so no homeschooling and concern about the forthcoming school year,  3) less interaction with people, 4) less shopping, 5), 6) etc., etc.