More about Cane and Able

With Tylenol and my cane, I am able to accomplish a few tasks. Truthfully, I have been sitting at the computer doing genealogy. I’m not experiencing pain when I’m sitting (ha). It appears (to me) that Ancestry “problem”  documentation seeks me out. As I’ve said before, I’m just a janitor cleaning up messes. Some of the situations are heartbreaking when I mop up the confusion. For two days, I worked with a family with four daughters. In the 1880 Federal Census, they were not in the normal household structure. One daughter spent her life in an “institution for the feeble-minded child.” One daughter was living in a “poor house” and listed as a “pauper.”  I count my many blessing when I’m exposed to this kind of heartbreaking information.

Bruised, but better !!

First: The “mirror image,” today, and it appears as though my right leg but it’s the left leg. Second: Obviously, there has been an improvement…  Yesterday I took five steps without the cane. Fearful of falling, I still have the cane within arm’s reach. I’m better and praising God!!

Terrifying experience

Would you believe that a shower can be a terrifying experience? It has been three weeks since my last shower. Until tonight, I wasn’t able to spend time in the shower and I was afraid I might fall again. I’m expecting visitors tomorrow so I forced myself to be clean and (tomorrow) dressed appropriately. It had to be tonight because I can hardly walk in the morning. Note that my “panic button” is hanging on the doorknob, in case I fall. See the steps I’ve created for the step-down, step-out of the shower. No problem, all OK.

Getting nowhere fast !!

Just a note to my readers affirming that I am still alive and “doing the best I can under the circumstances.”

Postscript @ 1:15 PM: “A picture is worth a thousand words.”  I won’t confess to the dumb thing I did today. On the positive side: Two loads of laundry so clean clothes to (eventually) go to a thrift store.