Bruised, but better !!

First: The “mirror image,” today, and it appears as though my right leg but it’s the left leg. Second: Obviously, there has been an improvement…  Yesterday I took five steps without the cane. Fearful of falling, I still have the cane within arm’s reach. I’m better and praising God!!

One comment on “Bruised, but better !!

  1. Ten Bears says:

    You seem to be traveling, Mother, under the same misapprehension as my spouse, whose brain surgery two years ago left her unable to walk. She was for a year or so a big toddler. Then she started walking with a regular walker and now does fairly well with a rollator. The walker in the bedroom is there for just-in-case. And all she wants to do is not use them.

    She’s never going to be able to go out without a rollator. She’s accepting that. She’s never going out without someone to spot her when she toddles.

    For what it’s worth, I have a cane right here next to my desk, that when I am in pain, I use. Just-in-case.

    Try looking at your rollator as a safety tool, like a hardhat. It’s a pain in the hindquarters, but if you ever get hit in the head there’s ninety percent chance it’ll save your life. The rollator will help keep you safe, don’t be in such a hurry to put it away.

    The rollator is your friend, will keep you outgoing and active …

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