“T” Day !!

Capital T

The “truck” arrived at 8:30.  Everything loaded before 1:00. Appropriate “things” have been “transported” from the apartment to the “trailer.” It’s 4:30 and “tired” old lady had a “terrific” refreshing shower and is almost ready to “travel” a couple of miles to enjoy a meal with a former coworker. “Time” to go!! “Tomorrow” I will return to the apartment to finish cleaning.

Postscript, Thursday, October 3rd, 2013, 8:00 PM: Using DSL hook-up in the Activity Center of JAARS RV Park, I was able to upload pictures.

Up at dawn

Preparing to put Nikken mattress in storage bag

In the kitchen (1)

In the kitchen (2)

Best clothing in garment bag

Hall closet area

Alcove opposite kitchen

Missionary Transport sign

The truck has arrived

Getting started

Truck arrived at 8:30

Two strong young men













A lady-friend insisted I remain seated and visit with her rather than “help” the movers. Frankly, I had boxes that needed to be taped, and pictures to take, but I knew there was wisdom behind the insistence. ~~ I had to switch cameras because the Samsung batteries were exhausted, and I didn’t know where I packed the new AA batteries!! Therefore most pictures don’t have a time stamp but are in consecutive order.

Tony Trowbridge

Garden stuff

Only a few of the many boxes

One corner of bedroom/storeroom

Adding things

Half full

"No, no, that doesn't need to be wrapped."

Endless amount of stuff

My easy chair

Easy chair on the truck

What's that?

That's it!!

Two "old timers"

Stuff "stuffed" in the KIA

Lord Botetourt says "Is it time to go?"

I still had Internet

So sad living room

So sad, bedroom/storeroom

So sad, empty back yard

At the T@B (but not hitched up)

Stuff "stuffed" in the T@B

View through side window to the door

From open side window toward the door and opposite side of trailer

Through the window, inside back of the trailer

From the door toward the open side window

Bed is made; ready to call it a day

It was hot in the trailer, even with door and windows open

Mercedes got a bath !!

While I still have my step-ladder, I transported it from the apartment to the JAARS RV Park. With 20/20 hindsight, I could have dragged the picnic table close to Mercedes to scrub the top. Honestly, I’m so tired I only considered “the ladder.” ** I’m not complaining (“Just the facts, Ma’am” as Joe Friday [Jack Webb] used to say on the old Dragnet TV programs).

Green & grimy stuff

Cleaning away grim

Mercedes has a dirty face

Gotta make a good impression

Bright & shiney

Another Smiley face





Yes, I’m hauling the plant with me. You can take the girl out of the garden but you can’t take the garden out of the girl (to paraphrase a similar narrative).

Tying up loose ends !!

Frittering time away after a trip to the chiropractor. I don’t want to tackle the “down and dirty” projects!!

Naked backyard patio area

Garden hose for Honeysuckle, and note...

Recycling cardboard & plastic

Storage room items

Where I lay my head

Last two red accessories

Message for Sept. 27th

Ugly front yard

IMHO, a really ugly naked patio!! I’m leaving a garden hose stretched to the Honeysuckle in hopes the gardener will water it occasionally. I’m very conscientious about recycling cardboard, plastic & glass (and donations to charitable organizations). Time to make decisions about remaining “stuff” in the storage room. Time to pack the last two red accessories (red was the accent color in my living room). IMHO, a really ugly naked front yard!!

Postscript, Sunday, Sept. 29, 2013, 12 noon: Twenty-one hours until the truck arrives. I still have things to pack but believe I’m almost ready. ~~ Before and current picture of Pandora’s Garden.

My other garden

Neglected garden

Living room boxed items

Boxes, boxes, boxes everywhere…

Cross eyed

Confession: I‘m so tired, I’m cross-eyed!! Only three more days to finish packing. The kitchen cupboards are empty. The packages on the shelves (far left) are food items that will go into the trailer. Pictures three, four, five, six and seven in the storeroom (bedroom). Paperwork on the floor, and table next to computer, needs final decisions: sort, shred?, pack?, recycle cards and cardboard!! ~~ It’s only 7:30 but I think I’ll crawl into bed.

One corner of the kitchen

Stuff in the hall

Packed items in the bedroom (1)

Packed items in the bedroom (2)

Packed items in the bedroom (3)

Packed items in the bedroom (4)

Packed items in the bedroom (5)

Need to make decisions...

Need to make decisions...

Finish line ahead

Postscript, Fri., Sept. 27th: I was in bed before 8:00 PM and didn’t get up until 7:15 AM. I awakened a couple of times but quickly fell asleep again. My body seems to require a lot of rest?!

Going, going, going, gone !!

Pink Mandavilla vine going to a new home

Pink Mandavilla vine going to a new home

Pink Mandavilla goes bye-bye

Ugly bare spot

It's a "guy thing"Yesterday, I had a parade of visitors. “Mandy” (red Mandavilla vine) departed with Betty; “Pinky” (pink Mandavilla vine) went home with Tim; garden fountain and other garden accessories went home with Barbara; “Lannie” (Lantana plant) went to the covered patio next to the Senior Center. ~~ Too bad there wasn’t a fourth person to take a picture of three of us simultaneously moving the pink Mandavilla and trellis. Tim had the planter, Lorraine had the trellis, Barbara had the six-foot vine that had climbed to the ceiling of the porch. ~~  In a stroke of good fortune, Tim emptied gas from the Yamaha Inverter. I couldn’t get it started (recently) and Tim couldn’t get it started.  (I had intended to “burn off” the gas.)

Planters and river rock going bye-bye

Planters and river rock going bye-bye

Planters and river rock going bye-bye

Full of river rockThis morning Larry came for two large planters (one full of river rock), two plant stands, one Salvia plant and two Petunia plants. (Slim pickin’s for the Hummingbirds now!! Just three hanging baskets–and their nectar.)

Confession: I really got a late start today. I didn’t awaken until 9:15. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I read the clock!!