State of confusion !!

Garden accessoriesThe Hummingbirds seem to have abandoned my feeder. Too many changes in my backyard; too few flowers. The squirrels are really cautious when they approach the patio (which formerly provided a smorgasbord of treats). I survived the night; it’s a beautiful sunny morning after one-half inch of rain yesterday. I couldn’t stay out of the backyard; I’m drawn as though pulled by a magnet.Drawn by a magnet  Just for the sake of a picture, I wrestled those heavy bases, and planter, so they appear with Shepherd’s hooks and one trellis. Question: Will these expensive garden accessories have resurrected life in another location?

Going, going, gone !!

An overcast morning; great for picture-taking. Rain expected later in the day. The last thing I wanted to do… but couldn’t procrastinate!! First two pictures show the Mandavilla vine a few days ago. Up on my ladder, I began to cut the vine away from the trellis (closet organizer).

Red Mandavilla vine

Mandavilla vine on creative trellis

Not a bloom in sight

Trimmed Mandavilla vine

Makeshift trellis is gone

Placing trimmings in trash bag

Emptying rocks from containers

Washing river rock

The Bluebird House sat here

River rock is quite clean

Planters are gone

















Lorraine in her backyard garden.Finished appearanceCounting my blessings that I enjoyed the beautiful red Mandavilla blossoms this Spring and Summer. The Hummingbirds enjoyed them too!!

“If I should die before I wake…

…I pray the Lord my soul to take!!” Too much heavy lifting today!!  ~~  Pictures one and two taken July 12th; picture three taken Sept. 13th. Now the remaining hanging baskets are hooked to the eave because I still want to provide a few flowers for my Hummingbirds. Pictures five and six when I disassembled…. (Click this link to see how I assembled.) The Honeysuckle remains as the last plant in my backyard garden. (Click this link to see when it was planted.) Picture eight shows planter with river rock from a couple of days ago plus today’s contribution. All river rock!! I speculate it will take two men and a skip loader to move it!! I moved several other planters today but I won’t attempt that one.

Hanging baskets with NasturtiumsBegonias in planter baseMiracle Bells & Peturnias







Only one hanging basketDisassembledNeed to clean





Honeysuckle remainsHanging baskets along the eaveFull of river rock

One day at a time !!

Bluebird house support came down

Bluebird house support came down

Bluebird house support came down

“Parting is such sweet sorrow.”

The components

River gravel for weighted baseHow I hated to disassemble the support for the Bluebird house. Time is of the essence!! Components need to be washed; the planter and river rock need a new home. Finish line aheadThis was a late afternoon project after a day sorting, packing, and boxing items for Second Chance Boutique.Today I focused on the kitchen and most is done. Recently I removed clothing from the closets and packed–or donated. I believe “the finish line” is within view.


SelfiePutting myself in the picture. Recently (on TV news) I heard the term selfie. This old timer had never heard the word. But I love to be creative so experimented….  This is the “storeroom” with boxes and containers packed for the forthcoming move.

Moving on….

Refrigerator magnetsA picture before I pack the refrigerator magnets. I’ve been in all those states. In fact I’ve been in every state except Hawaii. It wasn’t always possible to purchase a state magnet for the collection. This is my fourth move since November 2004. (Oh, my aching back!!)

Need stamina !!


T@B tiny travel trailer.So much to do before I hitch the T@B teardrop trailer to my KIA and travel down the highway. Time is running out!! So many more things to pack and/or take to my favorite charity. So many decisions!! When I’m pulling my hair out, not knowing what to do next, I turn to my laptop computer and check e-mail, play mahjong, or create a blog message.

Lady sweating


Aching back



Pulling hair out

Laptop computer

Smiley face funny expressions.