After weeks of frustration with Google’s Blogspot (Nov./Dec. 2011), I was forced to search the Internet for another venue. I had a lot to learn because all was new and different–and “yours truly” is “three quarters and counting.” (I’m still learning!)  Two years of earlier blog information can be found at TabTeardropTravels.

7 comments on “About

  1. Diane says:

    Love your title.

  2. Eric LaJuene says:

    I love the coins representing your age……. THAT’s CLEVER!

  3. Ten Bears says:

    Very nice. Clean, uncluttered, perhaps even spartan. No advertisements.

    A very nice blog.


  4. Kenneth Vaughn says:

    Lorraine, I love your blog. Very nice. I enjoyed reading about some of your travels and seeing the pictures of you and some of the other residents of care. But, what I was really interested in I did not see, but you might not want to put more personal information online. Basically, I would have really enjoyed an about me section where maybe you told me a bit about yourself and possibly why you have a blog. Nothing too personal. Just maybe your philosophy on life or your intent or goal for the blog. Just an idea. I love what you have though.

    Care Volunteer

  5. Milagros says:

    Dear Lorraine! I’m so sorry I misspelled your name on previous comment.
    Love your posts!
    God Bless You! Milagros

  6. Gary Antosh says:

    Hey threequartersandcounting.com,

    Gary here from PlantCareToday.com

    I’m emailing you today because we just updated our article on caring for Petunia plants.

    While researching the article, I noticed you linked to:


    in your post here:


    Did you know that in 1823, King George III sent Joseph Bonaparte, (Napoleon’s Brother) back to explore Argentina. During his journey, samples were collected and send back to Spain where botanists confirmed the petunias relationship to tobacco.

    Review the article at:


    Might make a great addition and resource to your page?

    All The Best,


  7. Roberta Petersen Cowley says:

    Hi Lorraine,
    I found your blog while searching for info on my Frantz line. Not to pull you back into your Ancestry vacation, but I’d love to chitchat sometime. In the meanwhile, I’m going to check out your site here a bit more. Sounds like a hoot!
    Hugz from PA – Roberta

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