Twenty per cent ?!

At the beginning of the day, on NBC Today, lengthy discussion about “the Polar Vortex”  affecting eighty per cent of our Nation. Therefore,I’m living in the twenty per cent area?! They say “121,000,000” people are experiencing the extremely cold temperature.


Two days and counting: Two days in PJ’s and robe; two days without opening the door and venturing into the yard!!

Couldn’t walk away !!

Fourteen hours at the computer!! I was “climbing the family tree.”  If the reader has followed my messages, it’s obvious Ancestry. com commands my dedication. Beyond the standard documentation of names, dates, etc., etc., I love to solve illusive relationships. Very recently, a DNA cousin contacted me and I launched into identification of our relatives. (I love these searches!!) Then–out of the blue–I found another Frantz family. (The Frantz family is my primary “tree.”) “Where do these folks fit on my tree?”

Third day in my PJ’s and robe. I only opened the door (for first time in three days) when a neighbor came to tell me the water will be shut off for a while tomorrow. ~~ I’d had “good intentions”; I planned to go grocery shopping today.

Why am I writing a blog message versus “doing” more I took that branch of the Frantz family back as far as possible (no more documentation) so an obvious stopping point. Furthermore, it’s 10:30 PM, and bedtime. I probably won’t sleep because so many names–and questions–in my mind. It’s been an exciting day!!


Boring ?!



Nothing new or creative about this message. Gratefully, I can report I’m warm and comfortable (furnace is working fine), and good night’s sleep.

Yesterday was “for the birds” !!

Bird feeders–and other “bird” accessories–removed from the large storage box. Then a thorough cleaning. Two dozen feeders (total) and logic dictates that some should go into the yard sale. OK, Lorraine, decision time! ~~ Never “too many” Hummingbird feeders; I’ll keep those. ~~ A couple of mealworm feeders–on Shepherds’s hooks–where the Bluebird house resided. “Will the Bluebirds come if the house is gone?”  Two mealworm feeders will accompany the Bluebird house when it sells. ~~ A beautiful day but freezing temperatures (again) within a week.

Ten is enough ??

Ten bird feeders currently hanging in my backyard. Some are “seasonal”: Suet feeders for Woodpeckers, etc., and Nyjer seed for Finches. By the time the “yard sale”  sign is displayed, the seasonal feeders will be destined for a new home. The “free stuff”  area is growing every day. Eventually, if a remainder, the stuff will go to the dump. “Going, going, gone!” (Nothing valuable enough to donate to a thrift shop.) ~~ This little fellow doesn’t respect the fact that this a “bird” feeder. He was so frustrated with the “guard” around feeder!! So humorous to watch his antics.