Wet and cold !!

At 3:37, back in my trailer home after several hours in the yard. I “hosed” several dozen planters and miscellaneous items. Moved my planter from “the shade garden”  to the driveway where it will be on display “for sale.” ~~ I almost titled this message “Blood, sweat & tears.”  This “display” has a history and it breaks my heart to sell another piece of my artistry. It was created on March 26, 2012, and details are in Building the Masterpiece.” There have been a few modifications through the years; different hanging baskets, different bird house. From (1) Waxhaw, North Carolina, to (2) the CARE Center, to (3) current location. Likewise, the Bluebird house (mentioned yesterday) dates back to North Carolina. Read Oh happy day  and “Heart-stopping incident.”  I had a camera in the Bluebird house; I watched as Mama Blue laid eggs, Mama and Papa Blue fed the babies, and started the process all over again after the babies fledged. Conservatively, dozens of blog messages about my love of Bluebirds. (Search Bluebirds for more details.)

Inching toward the “yard sale”

So many memories; so many happy hours. Having Bluebirds in my yard is delightful; “raising” babies is magic. Heartbreaking to part with this but I’m forced to downsize. Can’t move my garden.

A number of accomplishments this afternoon; no pictures of mundane projects.

Wednesday night

This Thursday morning (7:45), as far as my eyes can see: Ground and roofs are white with frost. Likewise, on the top of my KIA, in carport. Originally, I believed moving planters into carport would provide beneficial protection. Surprisingly, the carport is colder than open space yard.