Building the Masterpiece !!

It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind. Right?? I rationalized that I needed to “build a better mousetrap” (build a better planter support). Planters are too expensive but I conceded to the purchase of a simulated half-barrel heavy-duty plastic from Lowe’s. This was my fourth forty pound bag of cement!! The center cement block came from discards in the woods. I still had pipe for the center support.  That’s an old shower curtain temporary liner.  Confession: Instead of a $20. planter, I could have used a free five-gallon paint pail but I wanted something attractive just outside my patio doors.


Quite frankly, I was adding too much weight for the Christmas tree stand!!  As of Friday, March 23rd, there were four hanging baskets full of soil and plants–and the rustic bird house on top.  I suspected a disaster was waiting to happen!!  I didn’t want to come home from work and find damaged plants, and soil, all over the patio.  What if the pole and “topper” crashed against the patio doors and broke the glass??


(Later)  Now I’ve accomplished the finishing touches. First: Removed the cement from the shower curtain lining. Situated the cement in the planter!! Voila!!  Over 40-pound base!!  ~~  Second: River rock for drainage.  Package says half a cubic foot; weight not listed.  I speculate at least thirty pounds.  Third: Planter soil.  Fourth: Replanted the Begonias in the new planter.  ~~  A masterpiece, in my humble opinion!! Not a Leonardo da Vinci or Michael Angelo; it’s “Lorraine at JAARS.”  ~~  Hummingbirds welcome!!

One comment on “Building the Masterpiece !!

  1. I anticipate your question: “How much did it cost?” Including the Begonias and Petunias, approximately $95. I used whole bag cost of cement and river gravel, and half-bag cost of planter soil. The “topper” was a $4. bargain from Goodwill. The rustic birdhouse was an extravagant $30. from World Market. Two natural material hanging baskets from Tuesday Morning; two natural material hanging baskets from Big Lots. Large plastic planter was $20. from Lowe’s. The galvanized pipe, and fittings, had been in my possession for many years. ~~ Not an abrupt one-time expense because items were purchased randomly over the last couple of months. ~~ A “fun” project!!

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