Dr. Oz discusses DNA

Remarkable!! I haven’t watched Dr. Oz for many months. (He was dropped from a TV station and I didn’t know of another [although I searched Internet TV listings] . I have limited television reception “through-the-air.”) On Monday, August 21st, I switched TV channels hoping to find additional coverage of the total solar eclipse. SURPRISE!! There was Dr. Oz. ** Today (Wednesday, August 23rd), at two o’clock, I had the impulse to “Watch Dr. Oz.” The program started with the story of a young woman–abandoned at birth– who found her family–through a DNA test, and research. Dr. Oz provided very interesting details about DNA. Click this link to watch the segment.

Twenty-three and me is a resource available to assist adoptees wishing to find their biological parents. I’m delighted with this information because a CARE-resident-friend was asking if she could find her parents.

Watching this TV segment of Dr. Oz was simultaneous with my activation of a DNA kit from/for MyHeritageDNA. Because of my renewed interest in family history, the scanning project of decades-old research material, and addiction to Ancestry,com, I recently ordered the kits. (Furthermore, I sensed material for a blog message and a story for Mennonite Family History,)

Shame on Lorraine !!!

Self-sufficient, creative, long-time RVer. That’s the way I’d describe Lorraine. She moved on the site forty-three months ago; she let the guys “set up” and “do their thing.”  Over this period of time, she should have checked!!

The A/C problem is not yet resolved. Another night without A/C. Today’s the day Jim resolves the issue.


“Wait and see”

“Yours truly” is anticipating the air-conditioner has been repaired. Handyman Jim spent a couple of hours working with it this afternoon. ~~ I’m here to lament that my misery this evening is hundreds of red ant bites!! I needed to water the heat-wilted plants. Before I knew it, don’t know where they came from, hundreds of ants on hands, feet, skirt, and blouse. I shook them off, I turned the water on my feet and legs. Indoors, I’ve slathered anti-itch cream on hands and feet but the itch is AWFUL!!

“Wait and see”  if the A/C works tonight so I can get a good night’s sleep.  Four hours maximum sleep last night.

(My “journal entry” for today, lol.)

“When all else fails….”

…dive into Ancestry.com. Your “family history friend” was almost naked sitting in front of two fans. The air-conditioner obstinately refused to run and the indoor temperature inched higher. For about one week, your “family history friend”  had deliberately distanced herself from Ancestry because definitely “an addiction.”  But I was weary of sitting in front of the “boob tube” and turned to something I might consider “constructive.”  By immersing myself in Ancestry, it took my mind off how uncomfortable I felt. ~~ I intended to reference the reader to “Tepid Turkey”  but find that I did not publish it as a blog message. (A story for Mennonite Family History.) I wrote about intending to go “cold turkey” off Ancestry but was drawn back…so “tepid turkey.”)

Great American Eclipse

Madras, Oregon, received a lot of publicity as a destination to view the solar eclipse. Bend, Oregon, is a few miles away and an equally good place to see the once-in-a-lifetime experience. Here is a picture taken by one of my readers. Sincere thanks, ThomasTenBears.