Heartbreaking !!

The Houston NBC television station must have a dozen reporters scattered around the area. The pictures, and reported details, are heartbreaking!! “The wind is taking our feet right out from under us” was a comment I just heard. (I multi-task, I create a blog message while listening to TV. On occasion, I swivel around to see the picture.) 

Hello Harvey

11:25 AM when the rain started pelting my trailer home. Sounds like I’m inside a drum. No wind here (yet) but tornado warnings in two adjacent counties. Local TV coverage stopped at 11:30 and went to a soccer game.

Levity ?!

Marathon TV news showing the horrific damage. I’m exhausted just watching the television. I’m so grieved as I sympathize with specifically senior citizens without transportation, without assistance, “hunkered down” in their tornado-damaged home(s). So, while listening… and watching…, I searched clip art. Here’s my report for four-forty-four (4:44 PM). To my knowledge, no damage at the CARE Center or the adjacent Rainbow’s End RV Park.

“Fourteenth strongest hurricane to ever hit the United States” according to TV meteorologist Frank Billingsley. (Reason for me to look for “fourteen” clip art.)

Rockport, Texas, “hit” by Hurricane Harvey

Lorraine speculates the damage to the Rockport community may have an impact on the annual Hummingbird Festival. Here’s a history of the festival. ~~ Tonight, NBC Evening News with Lester Holt was anchored from Rockport. That prompted my “remembrance” of the desire to travel to…, and participate. I love Hummingbirds!! Just today, I watched two on the feeder near the patio, and within the line of vision from my easy chair. (“My easy chair” as I binged on television coverage of Hurricane Harvey.) ~~ Poster and trivia. ~~ Hummingbird video.

Changing the subject: The Tree Frogs are “singing” as I write (and publish) this message. They are so happy when we have rain!! One little guy lives in a bird house on my patio.