My word for today: Acute. Stress on this old body is acute but the desire to complete the project is ACUTE. Can’t stop!! It was a cool morning. Rain in the forecast–maybe as early as this afternoon.  I’m hoping the rain will help settle the paving blocks.  It will certainly soften the ground where I plan to lay ten more blocks.


Time and temperature

19 blocks down

With the Carriage on the left

Moved the planter

Time and temperature

Looking good


Rain barrelAching backThe pain is worth it!! I’m delighted with “a cute” rain barrel!! I had it unpacked within ten minutes after FedEx delivered.


Time and temperature

Created a wedge

Coiled hose

Time and temperatureJust could not stop!!

Lessons learned

Catching rain water

Catching rain water (2)

Rain barrel


The dish pans, waste baskets, etc., were not an attractive addition to my garden!! The new rain barrel has charm (IMHO). ~~ The coco fiber in hanging baskets worked well in North Carolina. Texas heat and humidity killed the Petunias. Now I plan to buy more wind chimes and hang them from the four “arms” of the wrought-metal display.


Hanging baskets

Hanging baskets


Life's all about my garden

Wind chimes and spinners

Spinners and wind chimes

Cool at last, …

… cool at last; thank God Almighty, cool at last!!

Is it disrespectful for me to use a play-on-words of Martin Luther King’s I’ve Got A Dream speech?? ~~ It was a cool morning and I accomplished a lot!! It takes half-a-dozen attempts to get the paving blocks level. Several need more work!! Changed my mind AGAIN. Originally it was going to be two blocks width. But I need to make a firm base for the two new rain barrels. (The moles are relentless as they tunnel through my yard!!) The planter will be moved to the right and two paving blocks inserted. ~~ By eleven o’clock it was time to quit. When the sun came out (after a brief rain) it was hot and humid.


Removing extra dirt

Time and temperature

Wheelbarrow with extra dirt

Trimmed tree limbs

Time and temperature

Raindrops in the tub

See the rain off awning?

Later, a new rain barrel

Looking good

Planter will be moved

Time and temperature

Figs; time and temperature

Change of plans !!

Seven paving stones down

Lath width apart

Time and temperatureThis morning I reworked the paving stones that were in place–and added several more. It was hot and humid–and the mosquitoes were savage. I have citronella candles burning; there is a mosquito plant nearby; marigolds in adjacent planters (but it didn’t stop them).  ~~ Changed my mind!! Frequently my yard becomes a lake during and after a thunder-storm. It makes sense to me that I should have some drainage between the paving stones. They are a lath width apart.

Speaking of thunderstorms, I ordered two (yes, two) rain barrels yesterday. I’ve shopped Lowe’s, Home Depot, Tractor Supply and Walmart for large trash receptacles (for a do-it-myself rain barrel project). I wasn’t happy with the choices. My garden is important to me–I want it to be attractive!! The rain barrels I chose will be a nice addition to my yard (IMHO). Pictures of rain barrels later.

March storm little lake

Sunset and flooded yard

Lake in my yard (2)

Lake in my yard (1)

Life's all about my garden

Practice makes perfect !!

Squirrel drinking from straw

Squirrel with baby

Bird feeding babies

Birds gaping

Bird looking in car mirrorA friend sent an email message with a dozen very unusual pictures. I wonder if she was suggesting my pictures are boring (LOL). Truthfully, I wish I had captured pictures similar to these because (for several years) I’ve had birds and squirrels in my yard. “Practice makes perfect.” An unusual shot may be in my future?!