Change of plans !!

Seven paving stones down

Lath width apart

Time and temperatureThis morning I reworked the paving stones that were in place–and added several more. It was hot and humid–and the mosquitoes were savage. I have citronella candles burning; there is a mosquito plant nearby; marigolds in adjacent planters (but it didn’t stop them).  ~~ Changed my mind!! Frequently my yard becomes a lake during and after a thunder-storm. It makes sense to me that I should have some drainage between the paving stones. They are a lath width apart.

Speaking of thunderstorms, I ordered two (yes, two) rain barrels yesterday. I’ve shopped Lowe’s, Home Depot, Tractor Supply and Walmart for large trash receptacles (for a do-it-myself rain barrel project). I wasn’t happy with the choices. My garden is important to me–I want it to be attractive!! The rain barrels I chose will be a nice addition to my yard (IMHO). Pictures of rain barrels later.

March storm little lake

Sunset and flooded yard

Lake in my yard (2)

Lake in my yard (1)

Life's all about my garden

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