“Ancestry.com” instead of sleep ?!

Last night, 10:00 PM TV news had a story about a woman with forty-five siblings. Her research revealed she is the child of an anonymous sperm donor. Subsequently, she has located forty-five other children from this donor–and there many be additional siblings. Last night (half the night), I was trying to figure out (in my brain) how one would document the family in Ancestry.com. That story, and similar, are available if you do a Google search.

In my “mind’s eye” I can “see” a family structure on Ancestry but (expert that I am) I could not successfully document that family! Was it Jodie, on Full House, who frequently said “how weird”? I echo that observation.

Christmas miracle ?!

Not what I expected!! It was a special trip into Livingston, to Habitat for Humanity ReStore, to deliver (donate) a lot of Christmas decorations. I took the items in the front door, put them in a shopping cart, and wheeled all to the back of the store (where they price items). I hadn’t planned to “look” (my purse was still in the car). My “walk” took me past a wide variety of chairs. When I returned to the entrance, and cashier, I was rolling the office chair. No price tag (but  learned a modest $30.00). I went back for the Dr. Scholl’s messager (with $8.00 price tag) and plugged it in to check if “it worked.” Immediately, vibration from head to toe!! With tax, the total just shy of $32.00 and I gave them $42.00. In my “mind’s eye,” the trip to Livingston was not about “giving.” My Heavenly Father wanted me to “receive” a “more comfortable”  computer chair, and the messager. The decades-old “other” chair is already in the KIA for next trip to Habitat thrift shop. (I’m intent upon “downsizing.”)

No “new” full body massager located; look at the price for half the size. Look at the price of a “similar” chair.

Back to bed ??

Cold, cloudy, windy morning!! Outdoors, standing water puddles from occasional rain. Old lady is tired, with aches and pains. Discouraged because pictures would not “up-load” from Canon camera and Picasa. Google retired Picasa several years ago but I’m a creature of habit and still use that software program. I hate this time of year because TV (et al) emphasis on Christmas and families, parties and presents. I’m eager for 2019. Right now (9:45 AM) I want to go back to bed (and cover my head). Clarification, I love Jesus but He gets lost in hustle and bustle. 

Change of pace !!

No pictures of food preparation but decided I’d document “in my journal” my extremely unusual activities. Because I’m cold, I thought “home-cooked beans would taste good.”  From my pantry, a package of 15 Bean Soup. They’re soaking. A cabbage from much earlier grocery-shopping trip was chopped up and combined with coleslaw dressing.  ~~ It won’t be easy but I’m planning to ignore Ancestry.com until less pain in arm, shoulder and neck.