Attitude of gratitude !!

Remember how grateful I was (am) for the refrigerator I purchased from a thrift store and put in the laundry room? The refrigerator I had to secure? Now that refrigerator is my “primary” source to chill my food items. The freezer is working fine–in my trailer home–but the refrigerator is too warm. Food items are spoiling. Next trip to Livingston, I’ll buy a refrigerator thermometer so I can determine the temperature. I haven’t thought far enough ahead to know how to resolve the refrigerator problem. Recreation vehicle (RV) refrigerators are terribly expensive. I don’t think I have enough space (in my trailer home) for a regular house-type refrigerator. I’ll figure this out another day (when it isn’t hot and I’m not so tired). Meanwhile, I’m extremely grateful for the refrigerator in the laundry room!!


Friday “fizzle” & “sizzle” !!


Three o’clock and my day is a BIG fat zero. This morning a rare trip into Livingston to pick up a package at the Post Office. I hadn’t ordered anything but a notice (yesterday) in my mail box. All last evening and all night I looked forward to the trip so I could visit my favorite little cafe for breakfast. I was showered; I was dressed in an attractive outfit; it would be a good day. In Livingston, almost the very last-minute, I changed my mind and changed my route. Very recently, a Huddle House restaurant opened near Livingston and I decided to locate it and “check it out.” For most individuals, the breakfast may have been fine. For me, it was awful!! My favorite little cafe serves wonderful gourmet coffee; Huddle House coffee was strong and tasted like mud. The coffee was pennies less than two dollars; the bill was almost twelve dollars. I left half the food on my plate; I did not leave a tip. 

It was still early; the Post Office wasn’t open yet. I went to Lowe’s and browsed their mark-down plants. Two plants came home with me–and another fifty pound bag of Quikrete. (The bag burst when I was removing it from the car so a big mess!) In the garden department, I browsed–and shuttered–at the prices. Ninety-nine dollars for a Photinia approximately the same size as the one I’ve had in a container for three years. During my yard sale, it was priced at fifteen dollars (and didn’t sell).

The day got off to a bad start so grocery shopping was cancelled. “Home”  was the only place I wanted to be and “home”  is where I’ve spent hours in my comfortable chair in front of the television set. Outdoors/indoors, the heat is miserable.

Watching it “grow”

My kitty-corner backyard neighbor has been working on a “greenhouse.” I’ve watched it “grow.” The “sparkle” of sunshine on the wire (at each end of the structure) always caught my attention. I can’t locate the variety of pictures  😦  . **IF** I had more time for vegetable gardening, I’d utilize my garden tower and small greenhouse. Meanwhile, I’m envious of the one in my neighbor’s yard.


Afterthought: How often have you heard me say I should clone myself so several of me to accomplish all the projects I have in mind??