Salve for the soul

Hi Lorraine,

First – your work on the Frantz families overwhelms me. I have problems trying to follow one line. There is no way I could manage thousands as you do. So THANK YOU for your outstanding work.

Now – I am trying to figure out if my Michael France is Michael Frantz IV. I have come to this rodeo very late is my life and I am severely techno-challenged.  >>>>>>>>>


Again…….thank you for all of your work. It simply amazes me.

I needed those words of appreciation. I was really feeling “blue” and considered naming a blog message “Blue Monday.” I confess to needing an affirmation twice in a while. Before I finished reading her email, I knew I had the answer to her questions.  I answered… and immediately went to my tree to expand my information to link to her family.

My Heavenly Father (God) knew I needed encouragement and, out of the blue, the nice message (from a stranger). Furthermore, “Mr. Red” (owner/manager) brought me homemade beef stew and mandarin oranges. “Shawna” (a neighbor) brought me homemade muffins. ~~ I’m feeling terrific this evening!! ~~

In the middle of the night…

…wide awake and Divinely inspired to turn on the TVto Trinity Broadcasting Network (TBN). There was one of my favorite pastors, Dr. Robert Jeffress, pastor of First Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas. After the “Praise” program, I searched for a link to add to this message and hope and pray this link takes my reader to the broadcast. A “timely” message…

Consternation !?

2:30 PM and I’m NOT “climbing the family tree.” Putting the recently purchased items away, I decided to have similar items in the same location. To my surprise, I have fourteen cans of soup and lots of canned tuna. This wasn’t planned, it just happened. I “shop” infrequently and I pick up items I consider necessary. An array of canned goods was in one cabinet and I decided to “organize”… (but failed to take a picture of green beans, chunk pineapple, applesauce, etc.). I guess I won’t go hungry this winter. Furthermore, I have a large supply of dehydrated emergency food. ~~ My propane tank is almost full for the Winter. ~~ Acknowledging that I have “a one-track mind,”  it is interesting to see (and display) information on another topic. (Agree?)

Challenge upon challenge

Late in the day (yesterday) I received an obituary (via email) for the daughter-in-law of Ruth Elizabeth Franks. Early in the research and documentation, I recognized perceived discrepancies. I wrote a note to myself suggesting research for the next day. However, I couldn’t go to sleep with this challenge on my mind (so I got out of bed and returned to the computer). It was far more complicated than I imagined. Initially, I believed it was straightforward documentation of Ruth Shoemaker married to Robert Frantz. Instead, dozens of individuals with surnames requiring careful examination.


One-fifteen in the morning as I go to bed and hope to fall asleep.

Below: Eleven-thirty-five in the morning and the third image was added after hours of research and documentation. “Never a stopping point.”

My Ancestry database is large (59,774) and I have a wealth of information regarding Frantz (2557), France (569), Franz (36), Francis (13). I get to a point where my new information can be merged with existing information. I didn’t “research” all those Frantz ancestor individuals this morning.

One-fifteen in the afternoon and I am content with the information in “my tree” (relative to the obituary) and I can prepare “brunch” and do some household tasks.

A day well spent ?

Walmart phoned twice to tell me my glasses were ready. Two weeks have elapsed and I couldn’t procrastinate any longer. I hate Walmart but it is near my home and spares me prolonged driving in terrible Waco traffic. While I was “out,” and “Smart Cuts” was on my route, I got a haircut.

When I made the selection of frames for new glasses, I told the lady I wanted something “big and conspicuous so people see the glasses and not my ugly old face.”