“When all else fails….”

…dive into Ancestry.com. Your “family history friend” was almost naked sitting in front of two fans. The air-conditioner obstinately refused to run and the indoor temperature inched higher. For about one week, your “family history friend”  had deliberately distanced herself from Ancestry because definitely “an addiction.”  But I was weary of sitting in front of the “boob tube” and turned to something I might consider “constructive.”  By immersing myself in Ancestry, it took my mind off how uncomfortable I felt. ~~ I intended to reference the reader to “Tepid Turkey”  but find that I did not publish it as a blog message. (A story for Mennonite Family History.) I wrote about intending to go “cold turkey” off Ancestry but was drawn back…so “tepid turkey.”)

Three guesses; two don’t count !!

It’s an oven outdoors and indoors!! I’m so discouraged, I want to bawl!! I really believed the A/C repair had resolved the problem. I was gone all morning: Pancake breakfast, a seminar, and lunch. This is what I experienced walking across the driveway, stepping into my trailer home. Repeat: I’m so discouraged, I want to bawl!!

Super sleuth ?!

Recently I resolved a couple of genealogy mysteries. Then I wrote about it and the stories will appear in future issues of Mennonite Family History. I also submitted this Sherlock Holmes clip art image because (imho) so cute. This afternoon–“in the oven”–I tried to solve this  mystery: “What is the ‘lesson’ I am supposed to learn from this experience?” Patience? I’ve been patient for three weeks. Long-suffering?

I’m still looking!!

Redeem the time ?!

Six o’clock in the morning as I publish this. Couldn’t get back to sleep (see earlier message); decided to get up and take dirty clothes to the laundry room in the adjacent RV Park. No air-conditioning in the laundry room so absolutely necessary to go early. (Usually NOT this early!!)


Honestly, I’m on the waiting list for an A/C repairman. I thought a “tune up” might be the answer. Now I need an undertaker?

(It died while I was gone.)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ even later ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ afternoon ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Not dead, not dying, just a hiccup.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ evening ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Blissfully cool and comfortable INDOORS.