Water, water everywhere !!

Heavy rain, lightning, thunder…!!

The storm kept me awake last night. This morning, about nine, I did a quick tour of the patio, carport and visual of the yard. No apparent damage. I’m squeezing this message in while I have satellite Internet reception. TV (Dish) and Internet (Hughes) are “off” and “on.”

BIG projects, tiny projects

Never an end to my “projects.” I noted the missing bolt and found the necessary item in my private little hardware store. Hopefully, my neighbors and I will never need “emergency” attention but I prepared the signs “just in case….” Read about the yard sale–last year–and creation of the signs.


Some things I can’t repair. Prearranged, a RV repairman was here to look at my RV refrigerator. To my amazement, I properly assessed the problem last summer; no ventilation with this trailer under the roof. The ventilation problem has become compounded but the solution may be as simple as a fan blowing on the system. I have the assignment of checking the thermometer every three hours (and reporting same…) before turning on the fan. I quickly retrieved my fan from the cargo trailer and am prepared for “step number two.”

Buried alive ?!

Ancestry.com is so addictive! A few days ago, I started documenting some cousins and couldn’t stop. Seventeen hours one day–with very little food and no exercise. Here’s a “Lorraine’s Believe It Or Not”: Micah Herndon being interviewed on NBC Today Show as I started typing this blog message. I couldn’t believe what I was seeing, and hearing. “Herndon”?! That was one of the primary surnames I was working with as I documented the wife of a cousin (second cousin one-time removed). Furthermore, “Herndon”  was not a casual addition to my Ancestry database; it required numerous searches and double-checking.


I strive for 200% accuracy. Frequently, identical names in same locality so I search parents, and siblings, too. For me, documenting my Frantz family, and extended family, is not a casual endeavor. I’m not related to “Herndon”  but they were “family” for a couple of hours. ~~ Please do a Google search for Micah Herndon and appreciate the reason he is major news. (Click the images [above] to enlarge for better viewing. “Buried alive”  because I’m [obviously] alive while documenting deceased [buried] individuals.)


Yesterday afternoon, I forced myself away from the computer and drove into Livingston for “comfort food.”  Not by coincidence (but not planned), acquaintances came into the same establishment so I didn’t have to eat alone. (I hate to go to a restaurant and eat alone!!) They were an attentive audience as I babbled about genealogy.

Then I went to Lowe’s and spent a couple of hours browsing the garden department, and other areas. I spent more money on “garden” than I’ve acquired from recent “yard sale” sales!! Yes, $127.49 for my gardening pleasure!! A smaller, light-weight “blower” (because my Worx is “too heavy” for this old lady). A new 100-foot garden hose. I’m weary of dragging a heavy hose that “kinks” and leaks!! Also bought Impatiens for two hanging baskets. Eventually (?) my large beautiful plants (planters) will be gone but I still want some flowers to look at when I sit on my patio this summer!! Ant killer, another purchase, because ants are not welcome in my yard!!

Today: A variety of projects and no Ancestry. com!!


Notre Dame fire

Oh no, oh no!!! 1:40 PM and I’m watching the television coverage of the horrible fire–in Paris, France. I’ve visited Notre Dame, and many other churches and cathedrals in France and Germany. I’m broken-hearted!! If I had access to the pictures I took in Europe, the reader would see the churches, and their stained glass windows, were a favorite topic. Sadly, my pictures were 35mm film and processed as slides. Thousands of slides were given to one of my sons and he may have jettisoned them!?

Mystery solved ?

As I “surfed” through the TV channels looking for another station with coverage of the fire at Notre Dame, Paris, France, I made a discovery. I stumbled on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries. It was starting… and I almost clicked to next channel. I spied the name Kellie Martin and stopped immediately. I’ve always loved that young lady from the TV series Life Goes On, decades ago, to Christy. I’ve often mused “What happened to Kellie Martin”  because she doesn’t seem to appear in current programming. Strangely, some comfort on an otherwise very sad afternoon.



Difficult to find a definition of the word “regusted” in a dictionary. Hopefully the reader gets the gist of my emotion? At 8:30 PM April 14th, a phone call from an acquaintance to request I do her Income Taxes. I’ve “done” for her for several years but hadn’t heard from her since I was evicted from the CARE Center. I imagined she made other arrangements.