Mad as a wet hen !!

Two full days have been devoted to research for “Kathy” (see her message in Just what the old lady needed). I was unable to find even the remotest “cousin connection.” That’s OK with me because some of my extended family may benefit from the additional information in my database. Why am I mad? In a subsequent exchange of messages, Kathy introduced me to her DNA cousin. That cousin claims to be a descendant of (my) Michael Frantz and Magdalena Zug.

It’s a fact: I have more than 64,000 individuals in my database: Frantz 2605, France 590, Franz 36. Kathy’s DNA cousin has a total of 548 individuals in her “tree” with a dozen different surnames. The cousin has very few sources to authenticate her documented ancestry. Why, why, why don’t folks check Frantz Families–Kith & Kin (free on the Internet) or my Ancestry family tree??

Postscript @ 11:00 AM: The longer I work with the information, the madder I get!! I believe the “sources” are accurate: “Why are members ignoring obvious information for unsubstantiated data?”

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Postscript @ 5:00 PM: I couldn’t “let go” until I resolved the conflicting information. I am very intolerant of erroneous information regarding the Frantz family. Repeat: Very intolerant.

Just what the “old lady” needed !!

“Sick, tired, lonely…”  all describe recent statements in my blog messages. What a joy to read the following message (this morning) in Ancestry messaging. The reader’s attention is drawn to the comment: “I want to thank you so much for making your Ancestry tree public. You have helped me immensely! “

Hi Lorraine, My name is Kathy(Mary) Mach and I have been helping my cousin Patricia Hering with her Ancestry Tree. Her Ancestors include the Frantz family. Michael Frantz ll and Magdalena Zug are her 6th Great Grandparents. Patricia is my 1st cousin. Her Father and my Mother were brother and sister. They were Italian. I am also on 23 & Me and have recently learned that Patricia and I share a DNA match on my Father’s side! I was so excited!!! This match is German & French. He has the surnames of Miller, Bender, and Yoder in his ancestry. Needless to say I have been on a mad search trying to find Patricia’s and our shared match connection. I did find, with the help of your tree, a Frantz & Miller connection with Salome “Sally” Frantz & Abraham Miller (1796-1867). I’ve recently found a Mary Ann M Miller (1807-1878) marring Adam Hochstetler and their daughter Cathrine married Michael Bender & their daughter Barbara (1835-1898) married a Yoder. I also have Miller’s on my Father’s side but so far none of the Millers in Patricia’s tree or the Millers in my tree match. I want to thank you so much for making your Ancestry tree public. You have helped me immensely! I was wondering if you could help me connect the dots with the Frantz’s & Mary Ann M Miller (1897-1878) & Adam Hochstetler(1803-1885)? I am having trouble finding it and if you could help me out in anyway I would greatly appreciate it!!! Hope I made sense and didn’t ramble on too much. Thank you, Kathy


Two complaints

First: Last night I fell asleep (in my easy chair, in front of the TV) and missed the last ten minutes of Dateline.  How frustrating to watch a program for one hour and fifty minutes and then not know the ending!!

Second: My left arm is very sore from my second Covid vaccination (yesterday).

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Good news, you be the judge. I’ve dropped about fifteen pounds in three weeks!! Personally, I don’t miss all that belly fat!!

New battery for the KIA

Overnight, the “charger” failed to charge the battery. This morning, a kind neighbor man (“Jerry”) removed the old battery and took it to Napa… and returned with a new $169.00 battery. ~~ I wish it were that easy to renew the power (“energy”) for this old lady. I don’t have a teaspoon of energy!!

Another package from D.D.

It is a beautiful, sunny day and I enjoyed an hour outdoors. I did a few things in the yard, rode my three-wheeler, tossed trash in the dumpster, and delivered (returned) containers to the neighbors who brought food. Surprise, surprise, another package “smashed” into my mailbox.



The KIA battery is dead. I was checking… because (Lord willing) I have an appointment tomorrow for my second Covid vaccination (postponed a week). Gratefully, “Mr. Red” was available and put a trickle-charger on the battery. ~~ I pray that I am able to make a solo trip to the doctor’s office tomorrow.



Life is sweet !!


In less than thirty days, these thoughtful gifts from Deb. Her loving kindness stretches all the way back to 2010, in New Hampshire. We met during my T@B Teardrop Trailer Travels.

Please join me in prayer for Deb because she recently experienced an injurywhile rushing to assist another RVer.

Thursday–in recovery


Above: Lorraine talking to Lorraine.

Yesterday, I spent many hours researching the family of a cousin. He emailed me with his request for help–but didn’t even say “thank you.”  Eliminate the negative, forget it.  “Accentuate the positive”dwell on all the giftsand prayers–I’ve received recently.

“Apple” tree

All morning, I have been climbing “the Apple tree.”  A cousin contacted me because he is having problems with Ancestry. (We’re all having problems with Ancestry since they made new changes!!) Look closely and you will see that I am NOT remotely related to the “Apple” family. However, if someone asks for help, I can’t say “no.” ~~ “Climbing the tree” (mental gymnastics) kept me from thinking about my physical condition. I’m feeling better… and no severe coughing spells (praise the Lord).


Postscript @ 4:30 PM: I searched two alternate sources (FamilySearch and RootsWeb) and not a hint of additional information.

Generous friend, lazy postperson !!


The packages were shoved (“smashed”) into my mailbox. I ventured out in the cold and misting rain. I was eager for my “gifts”and I had three weeks of trash for the dumpster (all those soiled Kleenex, etc.) ~~ With mail piling up in the box, it would have been nice if the postperson thought “Maybe she’s sick; I’ll put the mail on her porch.”