Two “gummies”…

…before going to bed last night but only two hours sleep.

The reader is probably tired of hearing about my lack of sleep. I’m tired of writing about lack of sleep!!

Another dark, gloomy, occasional rain day.

Visions of clutter…

…haunt me at night. Seriously, bad dreams!!

Almost overnight, we’ve gone from extremely hot and humid to cold and rainy. Leaves are “raining” off the trees and so many to “blow” or “vacuum.” I’ve been anticipating “Fall”  so cooler, so I can do outdoor projects. If I venture outside today, I’ll need a sweater or sweat shirt. There are so many items–so much “clutter”–that needs time and attention. Confession: I’m so addicted to “climbing the family tree”–on Ancestry–I’m actually delighted with another day. (Twelve hours yesterday!!)

Humorous dream

Last night, a vivid dream. It was snowing!! It was a “white out”; I couldn’t see the Clubhouse across the street. I rushed for my camera. With camera in hand: “Ready, aim, shoot.”  Reminiscent of those times I’ve tried to photograph a Hummingbird: The snow was gone!! Absolutely no evidence of the white stuff on the ground, or Clubhouse roof top.

Bottom line: Because I was dreaming, that’s an indication I was sleeping. Right?

During the night, asleep or awake, I’m always doing “searches” on Ancestry. Search and save, search and save. Over and over!!

“Finally Fall has arrived”

Blog title is the statement of Houston TV meteorologist at 7:20 AM. Last night, during 10:00 PM news, TV meteorologist said “We haven’t seen these low temperatures since early May.”  (Five months of extreme heat and humidity!) My trailer home is “cool” and a robe feels good. Soon, I may need the furnace? (I’m prepared… with new tank and 120 gallons of propane.)