Indoor projects

The weather has forced me to work on indoor projects (and that’s OK). If we didn’t have rain and cold, I would have planted the tomatoes and the Jasmine. ~~ “Indoor projects” does not include researching extended family on I’m corralling clutter.

Back to normal ??

Five miles round-trip to Home Depotall by myself!! I’m getting excited about gardening. I especially want some tomato plantsand I bought four. The day has been surprisingly COLD. Two days ago we were experiencing high heat and humidity. Today my mind was “in the yard” and I did not downsize or accomplish anything indoors. Fresh air and exercise in contrast to sitting at the computer all day. “Fresh air and exercise” while wearing a sweater all day.

Very, very pleasant surprise !!

Moments ago (3:00 PM): Someone I don’t know sent me a lovely Mother’s Day email greeting. In the absence of greetings from my children, I welcome this greeting. Praise the Lord, Hallelujah, Thank you!!


Someone I knowa dear friendalso sent greetings and it was the first email I saw this morning (7:00 AM). Sincere thanks!!


Furthermore, this afternoon, an hour-long phone call from a dear friend in Livingston.


Postscript 4:25 PM: This day got even more enjoyable when a dear friend phoned and led me through the features of the Nikon camera. He emailed a link to a manual and then explained the basics. I can study the manual for further instructions.  OMG, I feel six-foot-tall today because of the kindness of friends!!


Extremely grateful !!

My friends are so considerate!! Email greetings on this special day. Furthermore, helpful suggestions as I learn to operate the newtome Nikon camera. I’m extremely grateful!!

Boring information ?

Yesterday, I moved the Christmas Bottle Tree to a less conspicuous location at the back corner of the carport. I “thought” I had pictures of the “tree” in a prominent location but found none. I shoulda, coulda, woulda taken a picture before I moved it?  ~~ Yesterday, my driver’s license arrived in the mail. I’m legal!! (Get out and do some driving?)
~~ Yesterday, a neighbor invited me to go “garden” shopping with her. We visited two nurseries. I’m tempted to resume gardening but I don’t have time!! Frankly, yesterday I didn’t accomplish much beyond conversation with neighbors. There’s a great deal of pleasure knowing the rain barrel, Shepherd’s Hooks, and dozens of gardening magazines are valuable to a neighbor-resident.

Yesterday, the neighbor lady expressed her desire for one of the two Tower Gardens.  I rolled one (new never used) to the carport where I’ll complete the setup. Her enthusiasm is contagious. I’m tempted to set up my original Tower with salad veggies. (But I don’t have time!!)

Comparison pictures…

…and Nikon learning experience.

The Nikon thermometer picture is blurred like yesterday’s picture of the indoor-outdoor thermometer sensor. The Nikon pictures are darker than the Canon pictures. “Inquiring minds want to know”  so I will study manuals available online, and experiment with settings, buttons, and knobs. Here’s an interesting observation: Look at the shadow cast by the rain barrel in the Nikon picture. The pictures were taken within thirty seconds of one another.


The picture (left) was taken with my reliable Canon camera. Yes, many of my garden items are destined for tender loving care with another family.

Boring pictures !?

After charging the battery for the Nikon, I was ready to take some pictures. I confess to poor vision but I think the picture of the “sensor” (on the left) is fuzzy. I may need to change some settings and that may require a Google search for instructions. Honestly, the Nikon is intimidating because there are a dozen “unknown” buttons and knobs. Tomorrow, I’ll try both cameras focused on the same subject, at the same time. Not today because it’s “put the projects away” time of day.


Changing the subject: I spent a lot of time working in the carport and storage. The last task was the “blower” to blow out dust and leaves–so the carport looks cleanerand ready for visitors.