Before my first sip of coffee…

I check my email messages. This morning I was startled wide awake by an email message from a dear friendwith four links to Internet narratives. SINCERE THANKS, Deb.


A reminder of my setup if you missed the earlier blog message. Additional “no-no”: My decorative lights burn from dusk to dawn.





Gratefully, the weather is pleasant so I can work outdoors. I don’t venture outdoors in weather that is too cold, too hot, or too wet. This morning, my discomfort was crawling around on the floor. It is difficult for me to get down and up. ~~ I was “juggling” various electrical items.


One more thing…¬† ¬†Reattach a few things in the bedroom after the earlier departure of the electric cord (and make the bed with fresh-washed sheets). ~~ “Robbed Peter to pay Paul,” I already owned all the necessary items for the lighting project.


Project for another day ?!

Because two strings of lights failed… and I desire an attractive, well-lit tree, I helped myself to unused lights. Yes, extra RV Park decorations had been packed away (for another Christmas?), and (in my small way) I’m helping to decorate the Park. But decorating the bottle Christmas tree will wait for another day. My energy is empty!

Another variety of tree


Observation: A man would have tested the power strip before attaching all the strings of lights. It did not occur to old lady Lorraine! The pictures prove that occasionally “the old lady” occasionally walks away from the computer. (“Occasionally” is used twice for emphasis.)

Detective work

Yesterday, I “stumbled” over Elizabeth Frantz and discovered I’ve neglected her for several years. The image displays my collection of limited information. Below: That’s the way the image appears in Ancestry (in Elizabeth’s record). It will eventually be circulated (in Ancestry) so researchers can see it (small image) when unlikely they would see the information in my tree.

Another case of “lack of information.”

Air hug

When I see that another Ancestry subscriber copied information in my tree, it’s like a BIG “air hug.” I aim for 200% accuracy so “caring is sharing.”

“Just a janitor”

Imagine the hours required to compare information (in Ancestry) prior to creating a collage. As frequently stated: I aim for 200% accuracy. Imagine more than one hour required to prepare this blog message and have it “picture perfect.”