Weather report

This morning, a couple of hours in the yard–before it started to rain. Then dark and gloomy, and strong wind. Before rain–and wind–I burned the pile of limbs. Picked up more limbs in my yard and neighboring yards. The weather interfered with Internet and TV reception. It’s out of our area now, and tomorrow promises to be pleasant.

Xamining Xcess !!

Planning for the cruise provides an unexpected bonus. I’m going through my wardrobe to select items suitable… (because I don’t want to shop for new [used] clothes). I’m finding things that will soon be donated to one of our local charity thrift shops. More items are added to my eventual renewed yard sale. Right now, it is so relaxing to enjoy a respite from the yard sale!! ~~ “Doing” laundry, washing more “bottle bush” bottles, fertilizing plants, etc., etc.


Afterthought: Wearing a jacket this morning. Sixty-four degrees outdoors as I type this postscript (at 11:15 AM). Yo-yo weather.

“Cruisin'” on my mind !!

Small items for our purse, or pocket. My companion on the cruise is a “well seasoned” traveler. She is an Avon distributor (with high rank). My Dollar Tree purchases are trivia but I thought “only fair” to share my “small stuff” with her. ~~ “Don’t forget to pack the sunglasses.”

Banish the blues ?!

Even with “cruisin’ on my mind,” I’m depressed. So many projects demanding my attention. Last thing I need is limited use of my right hand. I love the yard and spent a couple of hours “puttering.” (1) Hung the Hummingbird feeders, (2) fertilized plants, (3) swept, and hosed, approach areas, (4) picked up more fallen limbs.