“Glutton for punishment”

A genealogy cousin recently teased me about being “a glutton for punishment.”  I confess that I resemble that remark.  🙂 🙂   While documenting the families related to a fifth-cousin, I detected “cousin marriages.” It took considerable time to trace the parents back to the common ancestor. It took time to prepare the charts. Well-documented families is my goal.




“Cousin” sent this clipart (left). “The old lady” searched for an image to illustrate her big laugh (then and now). In times like these (pandemic isolation) “laughter is the best medicine.”

One year ago…

an interesting blog message.

That day, a second blog message titled Ignoramus. Frankly, I’m shocked when I look at pictures of myself one year ago because I’ve aged drastically in one year. In many respects, such a difference in one year!! Pretty jewelry, enjoyable experiences associated with the cruise. I was elbow-to-elbow with crowds of people. Now we avoid crowds and bump elbows rather than a handshake or hug.