According to TV weatherman

“Four-point-four inches of snow”  in Waco yesterday–according to TV weatherman. Approximately forty-four degrees as I prepare this message prior to two-forty in the afternoon.



Postscript, two hours later: The phone talked to me!! That was a surprise; I wasn’t aware of that feature. I’m not sure I’m ready for a “smart phone.”

Cruel TV media !!!!!!!!

Yes, I watched the Sunday morning programs and heard the broadcasters crucify the President of the United States. I’m horrified (too) at the horrific event on Wednesday. The words have been mouthed by the President and President-Elect to “come together and unify.”  In my humble opinion, “the media” is making the situation worse!!


Question: Will Google cancel my account because an innocuous old woman dares to criticize the media?? An old woman who wants to stress the words of God.


Snow !!

8:55 AM: A mix of snow and rain in Waco, Texas. I won’t bore you with my weather report.


9:30 AM Postscript: On second thought, several pictures.


11:35 AM Postscript


2:00 PM Postscript


4:30 PM Postscript


6:00 PM Postscript


7:30 PM Postscript: The snow makes the lights seem to burn brighter.

Funny ha-ha !!

Here’s a true story to make you laugh–and relieve some of the stress we are experiencing?!

Bottom line, first: I don’t know how to answer my “smart phone.” Details: My “dumb phone” (flip phone) has gotten to the place where the battery won’t hold a charge. Yesterday, I retrieved the box with the phone I purchased thirteen months ago. I was “planning ahead” (before I left Livingston) thinking I’d need the map feature (etc., etc.) to get around Waco.  Well, truth be told, I’ve barely left home and I still don’t know anything about Waco!! However, it was time to initiate a new phone. Yesterdayafter several hoursservice had been transferred from one phone to the other. I’d read the instructions, I snooped into various aspects of the “smart phone.” This morning, a friend (living in Livingston) called and I saw her name and her phone number. I tapped her name, I tapped her phone number, I moved my finger up the face of the phone. The phone kept ringing–and I was helpless to answer it!! Moments later, I was able to call her and explain… and we both got a big laugh. Now I’m heading to the Internet to watch information on

Fearful !!

Full of fear. A year of turmoil (for all of us) due to the Coronavirus. Now: Republican defeats, mob violence at the Capitol, and our Nation facing a frightening future. I confess to being “full of fear.”


Much later.


Much, much later.



Pandemonium in Washington, DC.

I’m glued to TV viewing of the terrible experience in our nation’s capital. No time on the computer!! Yes, I’ve been a Trump supporter but this is unacceptable!!

Twelve hours watching that horrible event which a favorite FOX news reporter labeled an “ignominious day in American history.”