Seriously, it felt like I was walking into an oven when I walked from my front door to the laundry room, to the refrigerator. (Remember my RV refrigerator stopped working months ago and I haven’t moved toward the major purchase of a replacement.) ~~ Good news: The weather report indicates the tropical storm will probably do damage in Louisiana and not southeast Texas. Good news for Texas, bad news for Louisiana.

Drug of choice ?!

Ancestry !!

All day sitting at the computer “climbing the family tree.”  I’m working with material that is endless (almost) and one name leads to another, and another. It was such a delight to see “my family” listed with others in the 1915 North Dakota Census. I’m “tenacious”; I search all types of records and document the source(s). Invariably, I have more “sources” than others…. (I try harder?!)

Hated to get out of bed; too little sleep !!

However, at 7:00, I want to watch the Today show. I’m interested in news about the recent earthquakes in California. I lived in the Mojave Desert for more than forty years. Also, this week, the threat of a tropical storm or huricane in Southeast Texas (my current home). ~~ Two months ago I was preparing for a Caribbean cruise on Liberty of the Seas. Yesterday and today, sad news about the child who fell to her death (in Puerto Rico).

Time in the yard ?!

Sometimes my hands are off the computer keyboard (“family trees”).  The heat has affected my plants (see the yellow leaves) although I faithfully water and fertilize them. From my blog messages, you would think I have a “one-track mind”  (genealogy). My plants are important, too. (This morning, more than one hour in the yard–and humidity.)

Intervention needed ?!

One-thousand names added to my Ancestry database in less than one month. I justify my obsession by thinking it is worthwhile for family researchers **and** meaningful use of time in horribly hot weather. As I prepare this (at 2:00 PM), the “feels like”  temperature is 110 degrees.

Remember the ninety-nine-page printout? I’m still on page four!! The information is leading me through a labyrinth of interrelated families. In case you missed earlier explanations: My Old German Baptist Brethren ancestors, and collateral lines, lived in the same communities, worshipped in the same churches, and married within the fellowship. One enormous family!!


Wide awake !!

I long for a LONG night’s sleep!! After an hour of pleading “go to sleep, go to sleep,”  I’m back to the computer. I’ve tried a variety of “aids” but they don’t work for me. I do not take prescription drugs!! ~~ May I make this comparison? A bald man says: “Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street.”  Lorraine says: “Sleep doesn’t visit a busy brain.”