Going nowhere fast ?!

Every day I see progress but I feel like I’m **NOT** making progress. Know what I mean? Lack of sleep–and a headache–contribute to this “grumpy” message.

This is my “journal” and I’m reporting details on Thurs. @ 2:15 PM.)

Good news, bad news !!

Bad news: This old lady is bored with coverage of the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump. Why do we have to listen to Mr. Schiff say the same thing over-and-over, over-and-over??

Good news: This old lady has her own brand-new air-mattress bed and can return the borrowed air-mattress to the neighbor. Too bad, the old Canon camera and old laptop computer are not communicating because pictures tell the story of “deflate” and “inflate” of mattresses. ~~ With all the major expenses experienced recently, “this old lady”  is grateful to report a comfortable mattress (bed) for $117.37.

Pleased to report…

…problem resolved.




Seven o’clock in the evening as I prepare to publish this message. I “pawed” through a box of “computer stuff” and found another cord that links the Canon camera with the laptop computer. I doubt the (obsolete?) item is available  for purchase so a blessing that “the old lady”  is a “saver.”

Oh boy, oh joy !!

It’s such a joy to hear from “cousins” and/or folks interested in the Frantz family. Yesterday, I received another message and instantly began to backtrack and refresh my memory about the incident. Here is the link to my earlier blog message. From that earlier research experience, I wrote the article titled Tepid Turkey and it was published in Mennonite Family History.

If the reader takes the time to click on each link (of “link to my earlier blog message“) you’ll note that many links are no longer available. How discouraging, how frustrating to research information and later find the original contributor dropped the material from their website!!   😦

Going my way ?

Wasn’t that the title of a movie?? NOT  going my way is my Tuesday declaration. For some unknown reason, my old Canon camera has stopped communicating with my old laptop computer. Therefore, no homegrown picture with this message. Another statement: “Very cold” and I didn’t want to get out of bed!! However, ‘Today”  calls and mountains of tasks await my time and attention.