Sincere “thanks”

I’m so grateful for my Waco, Texas, family because they have taken good care of me. I appreciate friends (like family) from Florida to California who have shared gifts and restoration health suggestions. I’m “out of sight” but not “out of mind.” A dear lady-friend in Livingston, Texas, has been of enormous support. A dear lady-friend, in Jacksonville, Florida, has been my surrogate daughter.

“Orphan Granny”

Monday report

I’m feeling somewhat better and want to believe that I have “turned the page” regarding this (thus far) unknown illness.

Check back later for additional information.



**If** I have/had the Coronavirus, the doctor’s office would have been in touch with me. Friends say I have a sinus infection.

More questions than answers

On January 7th, 2022, I heard Dr. Hannen say “Your gut is your second brain.”   I totally embrace that statement because my body has “talked” to me over the forty years I’ve practiced “holistic health.”

My question: “Is my gut rejecting the Covid vaccination and prescription?”  Is the coughing up of gobs of phlegm my body’s way of trying to expel foreign material from my body?

This morning, moments after I took the recently prescribed pill, I vomited it up. (Second time….)

I confess to one flu shot more than thirty years ago. I cannot recall taking a prescription. I recall rejecting the prescriptionabout 2005by (cousin) Dr. Studebaker, in Ohio. I accepted the slip of paper but told the doctor I would not have it filled.

Checking in

After a reasonably good night’s sleepin bedI awakened at 6:15 with a coughing fit. I shifted to the glider. Just now (8:20) I started preparing coffee. Albeit slow, I’m moving.

Check back because I’ll add information as the day goes by.

9:00 AM: I have not had an appetite but decided to eat a slice of toast with my coffee. I vomited it up about ten minutes later. Almost two weeks of sickness and that’s the first time I’ve vomited. (I want to document my symptoms because I have not found a website that tells the reader what to expect. I haven’t received a report regarding the test on Monday.)

11:00 AM: Regrettably, I’m going backward!!


2:00 PM: I am so weary of my “comfortable chair” (which has ceased to be comfortable). I shifted to the computer chair and did a little genealogy. I had my head propped on my left arm and hand. I wished to stay at the computer but was forced to cuddle under the Slanket, in my glider. ~~ One-by-one, I clicked the TV channels until I found Magnolia  (at 161). That is the new TV channel for Chip and Joanna Gainesand they are famous entrepreneurs here in Waco, Texas. They actually live in Crawford, Texas, and are near-neighbors to former President George and Laura Bush.


4:45 PM: I was asleep in my glider when I heard a knock on the door. “Mr. Red,” owner-manager of this RV Park, was at the door with his hands full. “Hurry, hurry, this is scalding hot.”  I took the containers and he pushed a package inside. “What’s this? I haven’t ordered anything.”  He excused himself saying “I’ve been working all day; I’m going home.”  (Working in the cold and rain.) It was only after delicious Egg Drop Soup and rice, I opened the package and now I have a new footstool. ~~~ I am so thankful for kind, considerate, thoughtful, generous friends!!  SINCERE THANKS, Deb!!


Yesterday, “Mr. Red” did grocery shopping (for himself) and included a half-gallon of ice cream for Lorraine. Ice cream is so soothing on my raw throat.

Last night (dark outside), a neighbor lady brought two small containers of homemade soup. I enjoyed her lentil soup for lunch.  ~~~~ Frequently, I tell people that I am living in “a little corner of Heaven.”  I moved here two years and eight days ago. How blessed I am that God my Heavenly Father arranged my move from Livingston to Waco.


8:00 PM:

10:00 AM “the next day.” Yesterday, I failed to add a reference to a friendin Kansas. She offered to come and “take care of me.” Honestly, it was more than an “offer” because she insisted she would come. I argued that “I’ll be OK.”


“Lee” (LorraineEEdwards) lapse!! After some tomato soup (easy on my raw throat), I’m experiencing a constant gut-wrenching, strangling cough again. I feel miserable!! I was so hopeful I’d “turned the corner”!!


FYI: “Crying the blues”  was scheduled. I haven’t been on the computer for several hours.

Crying the “blues” !!

Rhetorical question: Unsatisfactory “smart” phone or “dumb” old woman?

Numerous times “Mr. Red” (ownermanager of this RV Park), has come to my door asking if I’m OK. He tried to call and my Jitterbug phone went directly to voicemail. I assured him the phone had been on the charger. On one occasion I told him I’d already talked on the phone that morning. If I take the time to go back through my blog messages, I’ll find references to “it doesn’t hold a charge.” On Tuesday, Jan. 4th, Mr. Red took my phone to four battery and/or phone repair shops. No battery available!! One shop is ordering… and will advise Mr. Red when it is availableand he will take my phone to the shop.

Confession:  This old lady was perfectly happy with a “dumb phone” (flip phone). The original purchase was eight years ago to take advantage of “5*” (which I have never used). In further interest for my health, a year ago, I purchased the Wearable” and it only works with their smartphone.” I use a minimum of the Jitterbug Smartphone features but believe I understand the phone. Gospel truth: I’ve faithfully worn the Wearable on the lanyard and it has rarely been “on” (and I believe I have followed the instructions exactly).

Email messages

Imagine that is my “email box.” It is collecting a lot of obituaries. Truthfully, I have no interest in Isn’t it peculiar that I am “feeling better” but “sick” of ancestry? A cousin sends the obituaries via email (which I appreciate) and gratefully he is not circulating my obituary.

Screenprint of the email obituaries waiting for my attention.