Grin and bear it ?!

Forced to go grocery shopping although I had little desire to leave home. Several other tasks plus an unnecessary stop at the Thrift Shop. I don’t need a single thing but I love to browse!  I bought six small Christmas items (although I have a box full… stored in the cargo trailer). I displayed the purchases AFTER I put groceries away and slathered IcyHot on my shoulder and neck. Aleve, and IcyHot, have not lessened the pain!! Neighbors have Christmas decorations on display so I wanted to make a small contribution (to decorations). I hung garden flags from my large supply.

Per TV meteorologist…

“Twenty-five degrees warmer than this time yesterday.”

Oatmeal is simmering on the stove so I have a good breakfast as I’m “gearing up” for a busy day. Rain, later this week; next week “we won’t get out of the 50’s.” ~~ Published about seven AM with the suggestion the reader check back for pictures of my outdoor activities.

Afternoon activities ?

Only one picture this afternoon. Considerable time in the yard.  I was “too tired”  to think about pictures (in fact, the one picture was an “afterthought”). I’m discouraged, and uncertain of my future. Through a “third-party” (gossip) I heard my rent will be increased. (No problem.) Furthermore, (reportedly) my car has to come out of the carport so the removed items (removed in January) can be returned to carport. (Problem!!) More details as things unfold.

Apology: I had intended to add pictures of the items moved from “my” carport to their yard. “They” want to return their clutter to “my” carport. The desired pictures are “lost.”  😦   I would appreciate your prayers.

Too much “Christmas” ??

It’s still November but television is ridiculously focused on  buying/selling  jewelry, cars, toys, etc.  I’m sick of hearing “Jingle Bells”  and  reference to TV programs about “How the Grinch stole Christmas,” and “Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer.”

Ken Burns on PBS-TV

Last night, ever so gratefully, I found a reprieve from major TV programming when I came across the broadcast of Ken Burns “The Civil War.” Actually, not a rebroadcast but conversation about the major contribution to our knowledge of that horrible scar on American history. ~~ During my genealogy (, I’m frequently documenting Civil War veterans. Often, documenting a pension to a widow.  ~~ Gettysburg: During my travels, I visited the battleground and museum.