Oatmeal weather ?!

“Confined” to my home due to cold weather. Constant pain in right arm and shoulder due to “too much Ancestry”? Cautious return to computer. Comfortable in recliner, wrapped in Slanket. Critical shortage of fresh food groceries. Can’t get enthusiastic about trip into town for necessities!



Organic steel-cut oats started in cold water, cooked slowly until thick and creamy. Sweetened with raisins, and organic honey. Consumed –and contented. Oh, so good!!

Doctor Oz addresses “sleep aids”

At 2:00 PM this afternoon, Dr. Oz “spoke” to my lack-of-sleep situation–and it was alarming!! “Addiction” etc., etc.  I direct you to his program so you, too, can fully understand the problems. I am guilty of the repercussions explained during the program.  I have never taken prescription sleeping pills but I have tried a variety of over-the-counter sleep aids–every night of the week. Infrequently, I drink herbal tea before bed but that will change to “frequent.”

“Old school” !!

This old lady did not shop on “Black Friday,” nor “Small Business Saturday.” This is “Cyber Monday” and I will **NOT** be ordering items. I have everything I need–except a good night’s sleep and escape from depression during the “holiday season.”

“If only…”

“If”  Lorraine had not married sixty-six years ago (today), what would life have been like? Speculation: Maybe a husband who cherished his family and would not desert wife and three sons?

I won’t bore you with the heartaches in my life but I seriously wish I could get in a time-machine and change my past. Perhaps children, and grandchildren, would include Mother and Grandmother? Perhaps I could lavish love on great-grandchildren?

“If” Lorraine had not practiced health and nutrition half her lifetime, and a spokesperson for health and nutrition, perhaps she would not have been evicted from the CARE Center? This time last year, the old lady was fighting eviction. Oh, the pain then, and remembered. Estranged from biological family; estranged from the people chosen for “forever family.”

Not a “pity party”–just retrospect.

“They” say…

“Possible freezing temperatures in the Northern counties.”

Polk County is definitely one of the “Northern Counties”  for Houston TV meteorologist. Wearing a jacket, I was warm and thoroughly enjoyed the minor task of covering the planters in the yard. (Planters under carport still covered.)


Indoors, delightfully warm and comfort-able.