“If only…”

“If”  Lorraine had not married sixty-six years ago (today), what would life have been like? Speculation: Maybe a husband who cherished his family and would not desert wife and three sons?

I won’t bore you with the heartaches in my life but I seriously wish I could get in a time-machine and change my past. Perhaps children, and grandchildren, would include Mother and Grandmother? Perhaps I could lavish love on great-grandchildren?

“If” Lorraine had not practiced health and nutrition half her lifetime, and a spokesperson for health and nutrition, perhaps she would not have been evicted from the CARE Center? This time last year, the old lady was fighting eviction. Oh, the pain then, and remembered. Estranged from biological family; estranged from the people chosen for “forever family.”

Not a “pity party”–just retrospect.

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