Artist-in-residence ?

Creating these images takes an enormous amount of time (but it’s a labor of love).

Here is the text that accompanies this image: This image illustrates the small family tree of immigrant Peter Frantz (1724-1785). It is a “stand-alone” tree with no known connection to the large family tree of (brothers) immigrants Michael Frantz (1687-1748), Christian Frantz (1685-1739), Baltzer Frantz (1690-1747), and Johannes Frantz. (1695- ).

“To err is human…”

Frequently, I say I aim for 200% accuracy. Today, I observed obvious errors with the Isaac Smith familyin Ancestry Member Family Trees. I spent hours researching and documenting sources. With meticulous care, I prepared the collage (above right) and I was moments from displaying it (in Ancestry) with the identified individuals. I planned to add it to a blog message with a trite remark about spending the day “climbing trees.” After all my documentation, I suddenly recognized my “obvious error.” (Did you spot it?)  A couple of hours later, I added the correct information (above left) to other documents for Isaac Smith. (Click the image to enlarge it for easier viewing.)

Halloween goblin ??

Halloween goblin or hand of God? For some unexplained reason, the battery backup system stopped working. Instantaneously, no computer! For about one hour, I tried half-a-dozen ways attempting to restore access to the computer. I toggled all the switches at the main electricity source. During the entire process, the beep, beep, beep of the battery back up. I resolved “the problem” by plugging the computer into a power strip. ~~ “Hand of God”?  Some thing or some one is trying to get Lorraine off the computer because many projects begging for time and attention.

Secondary hobby ?!

As I look back on my recent blog messages, it is obvious that I’m likewise addicted to the preparation of collages. Once I got “the hang of it,”  it is relatively simple. It does require a number of “mental gymnastics.”  Honestly, I’m looking for every resource to keep my mind sharp. I’m “losing my edge”  because I find myself pausing to think about the next step. Or, I get lost in the documentation of large families and find myself saying “Where was I?”  I  recently received an unsolicited compliment from my doctor. She said I am in extraordinarily good health “for someone my age.”

“Life is like a box of chocolates…”

Incredibly, yesterday evening, “out of the blue” I stumbled over the name Anna Mary Frantz. Below, on the left, you see how little information I had. Several hours later, I can display a fullgrown tree. “Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you’re gonna get.”

Anna Mary Frantz (1866-1962) is Lorraine’s second-cousin-three-times-removed.


Postscript, 3:30 PM: The green leaves (above) indicate sources are (were) available. Note that sources have been added. See the difference in one day?