Tawdry Tuesday

It is extremely difficult to stay away from Ancestry.com. Yesterday was relaxing and a small measure of projects accomplished. Many things still begging for my attention. Today: Tired, tawdry. trivia. Last night, went to bed at ten and awake until three; asleep between three-plus and five-twenty-five; awake until seven-twenty-five. Eager for my first sip of coffee.

Mundane Monday

“Chores” are shouting at me because they demand attention! **If** I could clone myself, I’d have “the other me” clean, cook, market, and work at downsizing.

Believe it or not: I pour a lot of energy into scrutiny and documentation of sources for individuals in my family tree. Today I’m exhausted and plan on “effortless” activities like wash dishes, make ice tea, prepare a salad, tidy my living room, yadda yadda yadda.

On Saturday afternoon, I went grocery shopping so I’m stocked up for a couple of weeks. I got drenched in a sudden rainstorm (that lasted five minutes and then the sun came out). I don’t plan to water plants; I pray they got sufficient from our occasional sprinkles. “Hurricane Barry” provided some rain in our area but no damage.

It takes an hour to prepare the salad and an hour to eat it!! Yes, I devour every item in that big bowl!! (Organic greens, bell pepper, boiled egg [free range], cucumber, homegrown tomatoes, raisins, best quality olive oil, and best quality vinegar.)

Same-o, same-o !!

On Ancestry, a green leaf represents a “hint.” Lately, I have so many hints I can’t walk away from the computers. The “hints” are just begging me to attach them to my tree!! Same old story: No stopping point.

I did digress and write an email message to a “cousin” and share some hopefully helpful information.

Burnout ?!

Eight-forty AM as I start this message and I haven’t had a sip of coffee yet. I didn’t start making coffee or take a picture until after eight-thirty. I’m lethargic!! The plants are calling me; time to give them water. Confession: July 12th and I haven’t done any “donate and discard”  this month. I’m out of “fresh” food but (imho) too hot to drive into Livingston for groceries.

“Haste makes waste”

That’s the title of the story I wrote a couple of years ago and it appears in the current issue of Mennonite Family History. (Two years ago because photos are posted with the story and 09/20/2017 is the date on the pictures.) Here is a link to the blog message I published in 2017 but “cousin Lois” edited and published an abbreviated version. I suspect the publishers of Mennonite Family History (“cousins”) read my blog and selectively choose something to “fill in” space in the periodical. That’s OK; I’m just pleased they want to use my writings.

I doubt the next picture will appear in print. I’m quite possibly the only person interested in the appearance of family history in an Ancestry Member Family Tree. I’ve complained (vociferously?) about the errors in Ancestry “member”  databases. I’m attempting to have the “Frantz family” (and all the collateral lines) accurately “sourced” and neatly documented. (This is my contribution to the world. Some people make quilts; some people paint pictures; some people leave an indelible mark in history. This [genealogy] salves the pain I feel because I can’t lavish love on children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.)

Tonight, at the Clubhouse, we have the opportunity to see the movie “Pay it Forward”  again. Here are several earlier references to the movie, and to the concept: One of four; two of four; three of four; four of four.

I’ll be at the Clubhouse; I’ll tear myself away from the computer for a couple of hours.


Seriously, it felt like I was walking into an oven when I walked from my front door to the laundry room, to the refrigerator. (Remember my RV refrigerator stopped working months ago and I haven’t moved toward the major purchase of a replacement.) ~~ Good news: The weather report indicates the tropical storm will probably do damage in Louisiana and not southeast Texas. Good news for Texas, bad news for Louisiana.

Drug of choice ?!

Ancestry !!

All day sitting at the computer “climbing the family tree.”  I’m working with material that is endless (almost) and one name leads to another, and another. It was such a delight to see “my family” listed with others in the 1915 North Dakota Census. I’m “tenacious”; I search all types of records and document the source(s). Invariably, I have more “sources” than others…. (I try harder?!)