“Hot” & “tired” !!

The heat is almost unbearable. “Almost” because we somehow manage to bear it. My “life preserver” is the immersion in family history. I don’t think about “how hot” or “how tired” when my mind is examining birth, death, marriage, etc., etc.

Recently, I was working with surnames Wagner and Wagoner. So often the surnames have variations (Flory/Flory, Frantz/France, Gish/Giech, and others). The Wagner/Wagoner family had me questioning “Another baby in her forties?” The location was correct: Indiana and California. (I have a great-grand-uncle who is a Wagoner so [obviously] I’m documenting that branch of my tree. Not just a “branch”; they are entwined with Frantz and **all** the collateral lines.) My brain is spinning!! Repetition of given names, every son or daughter married into another branch of my tree. The challenge grows with a “Wagoner” woman marrying a “Wagoner.” (Many such cousin marriages.) I love the challenges and hope (and pray) the brain stimulation will ward off dementia or Alzheimers.

Late afternoon, we enjoyed a rainstorm. In a brief time, the temperature dropped from ninety-three degrees to seventy-three degrees. (Ninety-three but “feels like” ten degrees higher.) Both satellite connections were lost: Internet and TV. I was forced off the computer (lol) and prepared a meal.


This is a blog message that I’m reluctant to publish. Miscellaneous thoughts typed at different times during the day. I lost momentum and didn’t develop a theme.

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