Saturated sites / sights !!

When my electricity was restored*, Houston television has (had) non-stop coverage (“sights”) of the damage in their area. At my location, a frightening storm last night!! A brief tour of my “site” reveals three inches of  water in the gauge, blossoms destroyed on my plants, downed limbs and debris on the patio and sidewalk. About twenty gallons of water ponding on roof of the tarp shelter. Sixty-six degrees outdoors as I type this (8:00 AM) so a blissfully pleasant temperature to work in the yard. The sun is struggling to shine through the clouds.

Rain gauge

Water on top of tarp shelter


*No power from 7:55 PM until 12:20 AM.

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LATER, 12 noon, sixty-six degrees, raining: Below, images of time spent in the yard.


Mickey Mouse project


Close up of Mickey Mouse project

Another close up of Mickey Mouse projectI want to save rain water but needed to “Mickey Mouse” a defuser. 


Below, before and after pictures of Petunias. “Bedraggled” flowers in all my planters.


Petunias in "before" picture

Bedraggled Petunias

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EVEN LATER, almost 3:00 PM, a cold, wet sixty-five degrees outdoors.  I have warmth, indoors, with the heater!! I’m heartsick because my plants are getting “too much water”!!


Mats are floating

Water pouring off awning

A river

On the shore of Lake Lorraine

Water standing in the planters

Time and temperature at one-fifty


Four inchesExtremeTwo days ago I commented on “extremes.” Today is another example: The furnace is on!! Yesterday, I was using the air-conditioner!!

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LATE AFTERNOON, 4:00 PM: OK, OK, you think you’ve seen enough?! Just six more pictures!!

No water on top of tarp

Water standing on top of Lantana planter

On the shore of Lake Lorraine (2)

On the shore of Lake Lorraine (3)

Ankle deep

TV report on rain totals

Xtremes !!

ExtremeNo pictures because I was intent on my early morning garden activities. Indoors now (with A/C) because a miserable hot humid eighty-three degrees outdoors (at 10:20). First: I mixed liquid weed killer and sprayed around the planters on the south side of my trailer home. Few if any birds in that area. (I don’t spray under bird feeders although lots of vegetation grows from seed on the ground.) Second: I mixed water-soluble plant food in a gallon watering can and “fed” the flowering plants. Two extremes: Kill and nurture!! Third: Filled bird feeders (finished a fifty pound bag).

Mandevilla experiment update

Several months ago I published a blog message titled Mandevilla Experiment. Prior to that: Indoor Project. I’ve waited almost seven months to declare “success.” From time to time I refer to myself as “silly old senior.” Today, it makes this “silly old senior” very happy to see the open blossom!! Contrary to my earlier comment about “parent plant looking good on June first,” parent plant has been in neutral (didn’t grow and didn’t die). Fifty-three weeks since I purchased that plant and I think it is (belatedly) a colorful addition to my garden. Rereading details about Mandevilla care, I speculate the soil isn’t sandy enough. Gardening is such a worthwhile challenge!!

Mandevilla is blooming

Mandevilla close up

^^^   AFTER   ^^^ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ vvv   BEFORE   vvv

Mandevilla parent plant

In the beginning


It's beginning to root

Rooting Mandevilla

Another visitor !!

Elbert with the snake

Snake in the grass

Snake at Elbert's feetSnake in the grass. No joke!! The gardener saw it in my yard while he was mowing the field. He knocked on my door so I could get pictures. ~~ I welcome armadillos, birds, geckos, moles, Smiley face thumbs up thumbs down (best)& squirrels but reject snakes in my yard!!

Too much work

Angel Wing BegoniaA CARE resident walked by my yard mid-morning and said “Too much work.” My reply: “It’s such good exercise; it’s a great place to work.” She persisted: “Too much work.” ~~ Later, a lady stopped by to pick up the Angel Wing Begonia. (I was the “foster parent.”) She, on-the-other-hand, raved about how beautiful it looks. So I am delighted someone appreciates my hobby. 😉

Freeze-frame: A morning in the life of your blogger.

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Postscript, four o’clock PM: Thanks to a reader, I now have details about Wax Begonia. As I read about soil requirements, I marveled that my plants have thrived. Especially that root-bound old Begonia in worn-out soil in that planter!!