Elephant Ear growing very fast !!

On April 15th, I published the following brief blog message.

Elephant Ear plantsIMHO, the recently acquired plants needed attention. Examination of the Elephant Ear revealed a loose bulb on top of the soil–and it was quickly planted. Good “how to” information. OMG, another (potentially) large plant!! Seriously, I don’t think I have space for this. Previously, I planted flowers to attract Hummingbirds and butterflies. I’m not interested in a “tropical garden.” This year, my focus is directed toward my veggie garden.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Fast forward to May 22nd: At the rate they are growing, the two Elephant Ear plants will soon take over my patio!!

The bulb I planted is now twenty-eight inches tall; the original plant is fifty inches tall (measured from base of planters).

Fifty inches at tallest point

Small one is twenty-eight inches tall

Two planters with Elephant Ear

Color added with mark-down small plant

Color added, small plant


When I received the Elephant EarWhen I became the “foster parent” for a number of abandoned plants, I didn’t even have a name for the plant. I never imagined it would thrive and grow this tall in five-and-one-half weeks. ~~ Recently I read an Internet article about mixing plants to enhance the beauty of the garden. Following their suggestion, I’ve added the similar leaf (mark down) plants for color.

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