Slippery slide


The more I “do” the more evident that there is more to “do.” I’m on a slippery slide and no end in sight. I create images of valuable reference information (and save it with the respective individuals) but question whether subscribers to Ancestry will change their misinformation. Am I doomed to “an exercise in futility”?


Laughing at Lorraine ?!

“The old lady”  had every intention of hinting to another “clean up” job on Ancestry. (“Just a janitor.”) Yes, more Member Family Trees loaded with rotten information!! I went to Google in search of appropriate clipart and found myself on display in Google clipart.


P.S. I’m still sick and Ancestry is the only medicine that makes me feel better (“dirty jobs” included).

“Better late than never?”

Fourteen months ago, I published a blog message regarding today’s subject material. This morning, I declared (to myself) that it would NOT be another boring day. “Do something different on Ancestry, Lorraine.”  Furthermore, one small step toward downsizing. I can remove the hanging pages from the curtain rod above my bedroom window. I’ll roll it up and return it to the tube. This is a valuable artifact that may find its way into the Brethren Heritage Center.


Too early to start my day!! I didn’t want to get out of bed!! However, the Kleenex box was empty and tissues were needed. My days are so long and so boring; five o’clock is “too early” to start my day!!